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How Long Is Coffee Good for You to Consume? When Will It Expire?

How Long Is Coffee Good for You to Consume? When Will It Expire?“How long is coffee good for?” is common question usually people ask. It is hard to say that the coffee is good or not to consume because there is no expiration date (unless it is an instant coffee). For some people coffee is very important. They need to consume it in the early morning before going to work or to start their activity. The caffeine in the coffee make people stay up and help them in the night while working for deadline. Consuming coffee becomes habits. It makes us need to have coffee maker and buy coffee bean. We can make it by our self. The problem is to know how long the coffee is good for us to consume. How we keep the coffee beans to make it always fresh and flavorsome. This following section will try to help you finding the answer about how long is coffee good for and how to keep it as well.

How Long Is Coffee Good For?

If you like to buy roasted coffee beans in a shop, you may find a roast date labeled on bag but there is no expire date. You may wonder about how long is coffee good for you to drink. Can coffee good forever? Is there any expiration date for the coffee? Most of us probably ask our self about such question like that. There is something you can do to know when the coffee is good to drink. You can check about the coffee freshness.

It is hard to say that certain coffee is expired only by seeing the roasting date labeled. One thing you can make sure by that date is about the freshness of the coffee beans. When you see that the roasting date on the bag is not so far from the day you buy it, it means the coffee still fresh. After the coffee beans roasted, it will start oxydating with oxygen. The more coffee beans getting oxydated, the more it’ll stale. The longer date between the roasting time and the day you drink it, the less its freshness.

Though, there is another factor that makes coffee beans stale except the roasting and oxidation process. It is the packaging of the bag. There are at least three different ways in packaging process: triple-ply foil, a valve, and nitrogen flushing. The triple-ply foil and a valve are common packaging used by roasters and at your local grocery. The triple-ply foil prevents the fresh air from getting in and the velvet let the carbon dioxide out. The more modern way is using nitrogen flushing technique to keep the freshness longer.

How Do We Know That the Coffee Is Bad?

After discuss about how long is coffee good for, now how do we know that the coffee is bad or not. You have to know that the freshness does not guarantee the best flavor. Freshness is important, but the flavor more than important. Then, how can we know if the coffee is bad or not? It is very simple. You can use your nose rather than use your tongue. Your tongue only can taste five flavors which are sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and umami. Your nose can define more than thousands of taste. In your brain, the smell and taste are linked thus you can sniff the smell of coffee beans to know that the coffee beans is good enough. When you cannot smell the coffee, the flavor seems gone.

The aromatic smell from the coffee will tell you how much flavored it is. Then, you cannot only see the roast date labeled in the bag, but you also consider the smell of the coffee. After it, you can enjoy the best coffee. You cannot say if coffee beans which roasted a week ago more flavored than coffee beans roasting a month ago. It may the second coffee beans are more flavored than the first coffee beans when the second coffee beans still has strong aroma of coffee. Then, the best coffee is not all about the freshness only, but also the aromatic smell of coffee beans itself. The coffee cannot be re-heating because it will break down the product. You need to use small thermos to keep the warm and better tasting for few hours.

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How to Store Coffee Properly?

The coffee beans have two enemies, oxygen and moisture. Thus, you need to keep your coffee beans in cool and dry place, because once you open it, it starts the cycle of oxidation. You have to try to keep the coffee beans as fresh as possible. You know that when water comes and contacts the coffee beans will start brewing process and draw out the flavor. Then, some products use one-way valve to go out the oxygen and air-tight lid to keep out those elements.

You can also freezing the coffee. It sounds bad idea for some people. However, it is quite best idea to keep the freshness and the flavor of the coffee beans. You can get some benefits of freezing technique like when you want to use the coffee beans for espresso, you can get richer and thicker extract body. It is also make the coffee beans melt faster in hot water and produce more flavored coffee bean. But, if you choose this technique, you can let the coffee beans too long outside because you can make the moisture that condenses in the bans starts the extraction process in your coffee.

Overall, when you want to choose best coffee to consume everyday with best flavor you can see the roast date labeled in the bag. You can see the freshness of the coffee beans. However, you need to know the aromatic smell of the coffee. It seems that you have to go to shop that let you smell some coffee product in the shop and decide which one has best smell. After it, you need to keep it in dry and cool place or freeze the coffee beans. Then you will have best flavored a cup of coffee every day. That’s all about how long is coffee good for.

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