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Here Is How to Keep Coffee Stay Fresh and Flavorful

Here Is How to Keep Coffee Stay Fresh and FlavorfulCoffee is a popular and familiar beverage that expresses warmth, happiness, and closeness for everybody. It is quite important for those who like coffee to know about how to keep coffee fresh and delicious. With appropriate way, the original taste of the coffee itself will last for a long time.

Here’s What You Can Do to Keep Coffee Always Fresh

There are several ways on how to keep coffee fresh that you can try. Coffee storing is supposed to be simple yet preserving. However, there are some details you can’t ignore. Here are some guidelines for all the coffee lovers in the world:

  • Do Not Open Your Coffee Bags

You must be thinking “If I don’t open the packaging then how can I use it?” No, that’s not what I meant, what I meant is do not open you coffee packaging until you need to drink it, do not open it out of curiosity or anything else!

Coffee packaging are designed to keep the oxygen out, to the length that they vacuum it and fill it with nitrogen so that oxygen won’t get inside. Oxygen exposure to coffee will make it lost its taste and aroma, and in the long time the coffee will go stale. This is the exact reason why unopened coffee have longer shelf life than opened coffee.

  • Keep It in an Airtight Container

Okay, now you already opened the packaging because you need to drink it, what should you do now? Keep the oxygen exposure as minimum as possible. This can be done by putting it in an airtight container. The better the airtight will keep your coffee fresh longer

  • Don’t Grind Your Coffee Beans Until the Time You Need to Drink It

The next thing is do not grind you coffee in big volume, just grind as much as you need to drink now. This is because ground coffee will lose its freshness much quicker. This is the reason why you can easily find roasted coffee beans in groceries. An exception is for freeze dried coffee, although it’s already grinded and ready to drink, it can keep its freshness for long time.

  • Don’t Ever Freeze Your Coffee in the Freezer

If you don’t know how to freeze your coffee, do not do that. It will make it lost its freshness quicker, or even your coffee will go off quicker too. A frozen coffee will give you a bad taste of coffee and this is what people called as a freezer burned coffee. If you want to try to freeze coffee, learn the right method.

The Best Place to Store Coffee

As a coffee lover, you need to find out the best place in keeping your coffee clean and still in such a good condition. The two kinds of coffee, both whole beans and also the ground coffee need to be put in a storage just like a container. In this case, the choice of container called opaque airtight will be the best choice since this jar is keeping your coffee always in a good condition.

If you think that it will be difficult to find this kind of canister, you still have another option. Once you open the coffee package, you may directly close it by using the rubber band to avoid air contamination.

So what you really need to keep in your mind are some points such as store your coffee in a place within a dark, dry and also cool, kindly avoid freezer since it will damage your coffee because of the moist.

If you really wish to know about how to keep coffee fresh, you may also think about grinding the original green coffee beans; you may choose this kind of coffee beans since it will give you a better taste and you may store it for longer time compares to the ground coffee itself. Good luck and get the real taste of coffee anytime you want.

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