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Green Tea After Workout vs Before Workout for Weight Loss

Green Tea After Workout vs Before Workout for Weight LossGreen tea is closely linked to weight loss, but what about drinking green tea after a workout? Some people believe that it is perfectly fine to make green tea as a post-workout beverage, but some others believe that it can cause some side effects for the body. Here is some evidence that green tea can help you lose weight faster.

Why You Need to Drink Green Tea after Workout

Green tea is one of the favorite beverages of some people around the world. Not because of the taste, but also because of its health benefits. For centuries, green tea has been consumed as herbal medicine, but now, green tea is mainly consumed by those who want to lose weight faster.

It is because drinking green tea can suppress your appetite and makes you feel full longer. Some people suggest you drink green tea after a meal in the morning to make you get the most benefits of green tea, while some others suggest you to drink green tea after a workout.

The reason why you need to drink green tea after workout lies in the antioxidants that are found in green tea. Some studies are conducted to see the effect of green tea on the body after a workout. The studies use mice as the object and the result shows that green tea can burn fat faster and increase metabolism.

Green tea has natural compounds named catechins and caffeine. Both compounds are important for the body to boost metabolism process. The metabolism process in the body gets better and it will turn the fat into energy. It is very important because the fat in the body won’t burn well if you have a slow metabolism process.

The antioxidants here play an important role in metabolizing fat and fight free radicals. By drinking green tea, your body will be able to reduce inflammation and prevent muscle soreness.

Not only beneficial for weight loss but drinking green tea after a workout also great for your body. Green tea has a calming effect that will make your heart a lot calmer. If you have a problem with faster heart rate after a workout, drinking a cup of green tea will help your overall heart health.

How to Get the Most Benefits of Green Tea

Drinking green tea after work out will help you in getting rid of the excessive fat faster. But, if you want to get the most benefits of green tea, it is best for you to drink it before a workout. Compared to drinking green tea as your post-workout beverage, drinking it before a workout will play a bigger role to help you lose weight and get better exercise.

Drinking green tea before a workout will help you to increase the body metabolic rate. Although exercise also helps you to increase the body metabolic rate but drinking green tea beforehand will speed up the process. During the workout, you will be able to get rid of the excessive fat faster.

Not only help you to get rid of the fat faster but drinking green tea before a workout also play a big role to get better exercise. The natural compounds of green tea will help you to get more energy and they will also increase your blood flow.

As a result, during the workout, the oxygen will be able to flow through your body better. It means that you will be able to have better physical performance. The amount of caffeine in green tea will also help you to have better endurance during your workout. The caffeine here will boost your energy and your body will be kept hydrated during the workout.

If you want to build more muscle after every workout exercise, drinking green tea before every session will do the trick. Green tea also helps the body to increase the body hormone. The body hormone here plays a big role in increasing muscle mass as well as building muscle.

Avoid Drinking Green Tea If…

Drinking green tea after a workout may help you burn the fat in the body faster, but in some cases, it doesn’t work out well. Under some cases, drinking green tea and constant exercise won’t help you lose fat. Some studies also state that if this happens, it is better for you to do your regular exercise without drinking green tea after.

Green tea might have caffeine, but the amount of caffeine it has is lower than coffee. Basically, it is fine if you drink green tea, but if you are sensitive to caffeine, you are suggested to drink the caffeine-free green tea. Don’t worry, the caffeine-free green tea will still give you the benefits like the usual green tea.

Drinking green tea after a workout will be the best idea if you want to lose your weight faster. Green tea is the best beverage to boost your metabolism as well as relaxing your muscle after a workout.

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