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Great Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Before Bed

Great Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Before BedDo you know that drinking green tea before bed could give you abundant benefits? The fact that green tea brings positive effects for your body is widely known already. Usually, people enjoy this warming beverage in the morning. Drinking it at night might be new for you, but the habit will improve your body condition.

Why Drinking Green Tea Before Bed Is Good?

In the end of a long and exhausting day, a bit of relaxation would be helpful to loosen up your tensed body. Even when you claim that you feel no fatigue, your body might tell the opposite. In any green tea variant, there is a nerve-comforting agent. It gives back the alert nervous system to its normal state. As a result, you will be relaxed and have good night sleep. There will be no weary body in the morning.

Those who have practiced this habit regularly also add one more fact to the list: it stimulates your metabolism to work as it usually does. Having problem sleeping at night is one of the factor that slows down metabolism. The signs could be shown on your body: plump shape and dull skin. You can eliminate these conditions with regular green take intake.

How Green Tea Helps Your Body If Consumed at Night?

The benefit of drinking green tea before bed doesn’t stop with stimulating baby sleep and fixing metabolism system. Both are just the terrace of the big palace of green tea functional palace. It gives positive touch for almost all critical internal organs: heart, brain, and even women uterus.

  1. Killing Various Cancer Cells

As prevention step, regular green tea intake could protect your body from various cancers. Some that has been verified through researches are colon, liver, breast stomach, pancreas, bladder, and prostate cancer. A substance called EGCG stars as the leading warrior that kills cancer cells. It could also prevent the development of tumor cells while keeping the healthy ones alive.

  1. Keeping Your Heart Beating Healthily

Recent studies conducted by Harvard University Students proved that green tea can help you fight almost all cardiovascular diseases. The result from another study also finds a strong correlation between steady green tea intake and the decreasing LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

It includes approximately 4000 samples in Japan. They consume at least five cups of green tea a day. In the end of the research, it is found that they are less likely to get heart attack. Moreover, their daily habit decrease their death risk as much as 15%.

  1. Helping Brain To Do Better

Do you wish to have the best grade in class? Then drinking green tea before bed might help. Some studies suggests that the samples who consume the aromatic and light drink regularly before bed perform better in the class compared to those who don’t. It is all thanks to caffeine substance, which could push your brain to be more alert, thus performing better job.

  1. Slimming Your Body Down

This is a good news for those who are doing their diet program. Do you know that drinking green tea before bed could trigger higher metabolism? A raise of 4% just by simply sipping a cup of light tea is already a big hit. This is the result of a study by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The reason behind this phenomenon is the thermogenic effect from green tea.

It is basically the raising internal body temperature. Compared to consuming caffeine, the green tea method offers better and more effective result. In addition to this effect, green tea also helps compressing your appetite. How? By manipulating sugar level in blood and managing the hormone circulation inside the body.

  1. Cleansing The Oral Issues

If you have issues with bad breath in the morning, drinking green tea before bed is one option you must try. It has a powerful substance called catechin, which could kill all the harmful bacteria inside your mouth. Since night time is the active time for bacteria activity, your new habit would be just right.

Using catechin as a weapon, you could kill two birds with one stone. In addition for fresh breath in the morning, you could also eliminate periodontal disease. It is an inflammatory, but in worst version. Suffering from the disease means that you will feel extreme pain on your gums and bones under your teeth. The green tea you take before sleeping will ring the alarm for your body system, reminding it to send immune troops.

What Kind of Green Tea Is Better?

The next step you should do is choosing the tea you are going to take. You will realize that determining what brand or variant to buy in the market is quite confusing. Green tea is popular for its slight bitter after taste. If you are the sweet tooth squad, then flavored green tea is your savior. However, this variant is not the best choice for late night sip.

While determining green tea variant you have to take, don’t forget to take the one which soothes your taste buds and contains antioxidant substance. Read carefully the ingredients on the product. If it mentions anything related to caffeine, then you should have it for breakfast. Otherwise, you cannot combat the stubborn insomnia.

For the best result, the one that goes into the shopping cart should be either herbal tea or black tea. Among these two, herbal tea is the raising star. It mixes green tea with fruitful herbs, multiplying its original effect. Back tea, in the other hand, is only defeated by hair length: its long processing technique. It may take longer before you could witness the change.

Many experts suggest you not to eat something spicy or fatty things at night. So what is your healthy option to shut your growling stomach? Simply drink a cup of green tea. It helps you relaxing as well as balancing body metabolism. From a simple cup of warmth, you could get tons of benefits for your brain, heart, and many more. After all, drinking green tea before bed is not a bad thing, right?

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