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French Press Vs Drip: How Are They Different?

French Press Vs Drip: How Are They Different?How would you like to have your coffee: French press vs drip? Within the past ten years, coffee has been a part of the must have item in the society. Then it is just right for barista to be creative and invent new ways to brew coffee. Not knowing the difference between these two might be confusing and get you a cup of less preferable coffee.

French Press Vs Drip: The Machine

Comparing a cup of pressed and dripped coffee on a table might not be the best way to find the answer to your question. Both looks similar and unless you have specific interest in coffee, it is difficult to tell the difference. Then, why don’t you compare the French press vs drip coffee maker?

1. French Press Machine

The title “French” is written on the title for a good reason. It is commonly found in Italy, Great Britain and the other countries but United States. Moreover, Italian has the patent of this coffee maker since 1929. Many connoisseurs admit that this is the best machine to get the finest cup of coffee. Surprisingly, the statement also gets approval from Starbucks CEO in 2012.

Observing the coffee maker closely, there is nothing special in the construction. A glass of stainless steel connected to a handle. On the top, there is a cylindrical mesh stainless steel piece. The cover is also made from steel, paired with simple moveable plunger. Unless you have seen this machine before, you may take it as a teapot.

2. Drip Coffee Maker

While the press machine relies on manual force to brew a cup of coffee, drip coffee maker is more modern and simple. The coffee pot is connected to cables, which allow you to simply press a button. The coffee goes from the top, and the water will flow from the small gallon attached on the coffee pot. Simple, isn’t it?

Which Coffee Maker Is More Useful?

Either French press vs drip coffee maker has its own flaws and strength. One might be more practical than the other in certain situation. So the real question will include what kind of coffee you are serving, how many of them will come and where are you going to have the coffee break party.

1. Mild Or Strong Coffee?

Make a prediction whether your guest would like a cup of strong or mild coffee. Keep in mind that strong belong to French press vs drip that offers the mild one. The difference lays in the process. French press machine requires coffee beans, which you should grind manually to make it finer. This process allows you to preserve more oil from the coffee beans, which make the taste richer.

As for the drip coffee maker, you pour in a fine grounded coffee. In most cases, it has been dried, so the precious oil is evaporated. As the result, the coffee will have smooth texture and mild taste.

2. Single Or Group Guests?

As the host, you surely consider to have French press vs drip while counting the number of expected guests. Brewing a coffee using a French press would give you a personal satisfaction as well as a good show for the guest. However, it fits to one to three guests only. If you insist that each guest should experience the finest cup of coffee, you might end up buying several new machines as many as the invited guests.

Group guests will be happier when you decide to forget French press vs drip coffee maker plugged into the electric socket. It takes faster time, less effort, and more amount in each brewing. The measurement for the coffee ground is not too complicated either. In addition, you can have a mutual chat while waiting for the coffee brewing.

3. Indoor or Outdoor?

Another battle of French press vs drip coffee maker will be determined by the coffee break venue. If you are going to serve the coffee at a nice garden, then the best choice would be the French press. It is more convenient to carry compared to the drip coffee machine.

Since the machine is operated by hand, you only need to bring along someone who can brew well. Don’t forget that you need to make several attempts to get the desired taste. After the party, the cleaning should not be too hard. The parts of French press could be disassembled, thus making the cleaning process easier.

Having indoor party is not a bad choice, either. The electric plug is there for the drip coffee maker, and you could always have the press machine.

How Are They Different In Method?

After learning about the machine, now it is time to compare the process of French press vs drip. Each of them has special requirement and the following consequences. These points might change your opinion about the brewing method.

1. Pressing

This machine is equipped with coarse grinder, which allows you to extract the oil from coffee beans. The water poured into the press machine should be around 190 to 200 degree Fahrenheit. Within the brewing process, the grounded coffee will be brewed longer: four minutes to be exact.

Of course, the served coffee temperature will be lower. To solve this problem, you could either drink the coffee immediately or throw it to insulated container.

2. Dripping

Choosing among French press vs drip, some coffee addict would prefer the drip machine. It allows them to enjoy a cup of hot coffee. Even though the temperature is not maximum, but it is hotter than the press machine. The only turn down of this machine is the inability to pull the best taste from the coffee. Also, the brewing for several cups of coffee could be done at once. There is no need to wait for refill.

Aside from the equipment, there is one determining difference between drip and press brewing. French press will give you stronger coffee and the drip one for smooth and mild taste. So, no option has the upper hand on the other. In the end, the comparison between french press vs drip lays on your personal preference.

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