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Freezing Coffee Without Losing Its Freshness?

Freezing Coffee Without Losing Its Freshness?There has been such confusion whether or not for freezing coffee to keep its freshness. Some says freezing coffee causing it to lose its freshness even faster, and even concern that the coffee will soak up the odor, taste, and moisture from its neighboring items. However, if you store your coffee in correct container, you can freeze it without being worried about all these.

Store the Coffee Within the Completely Air-Tight Container

One of the best way to store coffee without losing its freshness is by using air-tight containers. Coffee’s worst enemies are oxygen and moisture. Air-tight container will reduce oxygen exposure and will reduce moisture when it’s freezed. These containers are the best way to minimize the moisture and smells of the freezer to be getting into the coffee.

Besides using air-tight container, you can also use some thick plastic bag or any other media as long as it does not allow the air in. The best container to freeze coffee is flexible one, because the air volume inside it will decrease a lot and causing the container to shrink. Unless your container is really a sturdy one, it’s better to get a flexible one.

There is better solution in this area, which is to vacuum the container first before putting it to freezer, this will reduce oxygen exposure and moisture to almost absolutely zero.

Store the Coffee Container in Deep Freeze

If you want to freeze your coffee, you need to know that your coffee will maintain its freshness inside the freezer if it is kept inside a constant humidity and temperature situations. Therefore, keep your coffee in a deep freeze as it is known for its constant temperature. Deep freeze will cool down the temperature to -22°F to -58°F or -30°C to -50°C, but the needed temperature actually doesn’t need that low.

How about putting it in freezer? Actually it’s good enough, but freezer being constantly opened and closed making the temperature change too often. Compared to deep freeze, even if it’s also being contantly opened and closed, but because the temperature are very low (normal freezer only have around -0°F or -18°C) , the coffee will still be ok.

If you don’t have choice but to use freezer, you can store your coffee container at the back of refrigerator freezer as it has more constant temperature as it’s closer to the cooling system and farther from the door.

Update: In 2017 US Barista Championship, the winner using deep freeze method to -58°F or -50°C to give better grind and flavor. You can read it here.

Let the Coffee in the Room Temperature Before Opening the Container

If you want to use the freezing coffee, make sure to let it sit on the room temperature before you open the container. This way is to avoid any condensation which appears from the freezer temperature. It also helps you to prevent your coffee being exposed to moisture. This problem will surely troubles you if you want to keep the coffee flavor and taste as fresh as you can.

But, in order to use your frozen coffee, you need to prepare ahead before using it. Just for instance, you want to drink your coffee tomorrow morning, so it means that you have to take out the coffee from the freezer the night before. By doing so, in the morning, your coffee will be in the room temperature condition in the morning and you can use it right away.

After using your frozen coffee, you cannot refreeze it again. The repeated temperature change will not be good for your coffee. To bring some tricks in freezing coffee, you can put them in several small containers as for three weeks consumption.

Freezing Coffee in Freezer for Long-Term Storage

Freezing coffee will prolong its shelf life and reducing the chance of your coffee going bad before you spend it all, however this is not necessary will prolong its freshness. There is debate among coffee lovers whether freezing coffee will make it stay fresh for long time too. So I guess you have to try this yourself to find out about this. Nevertheless, freezing coffee will make coffee stays good 50% much longer.

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