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Freeze Dried Coffee: Maximum Shelf Life Coffee

Freeze Dried Coffee: Maximum Shelf Life CoffeeOf all type of coffee existing in this world, have you ever heard of freeze dried coffee? Do you know how this type of coffee differs from all other types of coffee that you may have encountered? What is so special about this coffee anyway? If you are a coffee lover, make sure you know all you need to know about this coffee as follow:

The Definition and How Freeze Dried Coffee Is Made

Freeze dried coffee is a type of coffee that is produced from a particular process named freeze drying. It’s a kind of coffee processing that removes any water content from coffee by sublimation. There are two main goals of this process, first is to allow people to prepare hot coffee quickly just by adding hot water, that’s why this kind of coffee more known as instant coffee, the second goal is to extend its shelf life to 2 to 20  years (yes, twenty), and even it it will have indefinite shelf life if stored in freezer although the freshness (taste and aroma) will be long gone.

Now you don’t have to worry again about expired coffee that can make you sick because I’m sure you will consume up all of your coffee within that long time span, compared to much faster shelf life of ground coffee and roasted coffee beans (read also: How Long Is Coffee Good for You to Consume? When Will It Expire?)

The process of making freeze dried coffee includes various steps. They are: first, lowering the temperature to approximately -40oF /-40oC. By making the temperature this low, the water content will be frozen. On this process, the pressure in the equipment used is also being lowered. That being done, the frozen water’s sublimation will occur. This is called primary drying.

After that the process continued to secondary drying because there’s still water left after the first process, mostly ionically-bound water molecules that aren’t frozen in the first step. In this second step, the temperature will be increased, sometimes can be above 32oF/0oC to break the water bound. By the end of this step, the water content left will be extremely low, about 1% to 5%.

In this kind of processing, the gentle drying conditions as well as the low temperature could avoid color and aroma deterioration as well as nutrient degradation. That being said, this processing is deemed suitable to obtain products with high quality.

The Advantages of Freeze Dried Coffee

Next, all you need to know about freeze dried coffee also include the advantages of this type of coffee. Not only does this ease the effort of storing coffee, it also provides a couple of advantages when compared to another type of coffee such as regular brewed coffee.

To begin with, instant coffee is a type of coffee that is super portable. This coffee comes with large coffee containers as well as individual packages that can be easily brought in your pockets, luch containers, and purses.

Second of all, this coffee does not need any coffee making equipment like coffee makers. All you need to enjoy this coffee is just a coffee cup and hot water. This type of coffee can be ready faster compared to preparing brewed coffee. Freeze dried coffee can be ready as soon as you dissolve the crystal of coffee into hot water.

Once you mix the coffee crystal with the hot water, you could enjoy and sip the coffee afterwards. If you think the strength of the coffee is lacking, you will only need to add more coffee crystals. It is that simple. On the contrary, if you think the coffee is too strong, you will only need to pour more water to the cup. It is that easy.

With freeze dried coffee, you don’t need to worry about your coffee going bad. This type of coffee can last for a long time in its container or packages. Make your coffee anytime you want or save the coffee for tomorrow’s morning drink before starting your daily activities.

Freeze dried coffee makes the life of coffee lover easier. Storing the coffee is easy and travelling with it is as simple as putting the coffee package in our pocket. Making the coffee itself also takes short time.

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