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Does Thai Tea Have Caffeine? What are the Benefits of the Tea?

Does Thai Tea Have Caffeine? What are the Benefits of the Tea?Thai tea is a favorite beverage in Southeast Asia, yet not many of us still wondering whether does Thai tea have caffeine of not. Some people believe that Thai tea doesn’t have caffeine at all, and some others think that the amount of caffeine is a lot more than coffee. Then, what’s the truth about Thai tea and its caffeine?

Thai Tea and Caffeine

Before talking about the caffeine in Thai tea, you need to know how Thai tea itself is made to help you estimate its amount of caffeine. As a Thai tea lover, you might not know the tea used to make this delicious beverage. Most of the Thai tea is made with Ceylon tea or Assam tea. Ceylon tea or Assam tea is a kind of black tea and it is locally planted in Sri Lanka.

Black tea is chosen as the main ingredient of Thai tea because of its strong flavor. To make Thai tea, the black tea is brewed and mixed with sugar and condensed milk. Thai usually drink this Thai tea in the morning as breakfast companion. But now, you can enjoy Thai tea every time with or without ice.

Then, how much caffeine is in Thai tea? Let’s do a rough calculation. Since the main ingredient of Thai tea is black tea, then the caffeine of the black tea itself is around 20mg per cup. But, to make a delicious Thai tea, you need to mix it with sugar and condensed milk and it will add the caffeine around 20mg more.

Roughly, the amount of the caffeine is around 40mg, but you cannot rely on this calculation only. It is because the making process of Thai tea is different from each other. The brewing time also plays a big part to determine the amount of caffeine. Sugar and condensed milk also need to be considered. At the bottom line, every cup of Thai tea has a different amount of caffeine.

Benefits of Drinking Thai Tea

Caffeine in Thai tea is considered less than coffee. The caffeine here can bring both negative and positive effects for you. If you cannot tolerate caffeine, drinking Thai tea might be dangerous for you. But, on the other hand, it can help you get healthier.

  • Losing Weight

The first benefits of drinking Thai tea is losing weight. It is a surprising fact since Thai tea has a quite high calorie of around 180 to 300 calories per cup. Although it contains a high calorie, the caffeine in this tea prevents you to get hungry easily. Plus, drinking a cup of Thai tea can be very filling for you, thanks to the sugar and condensed milk on it.

  • Anti-cancer

Thai tea is also great to help you prevent cancer. The main ingredient, black tea, contains antioxidants that can prevent cancer. The tea leaves have anticarcinogenic that can prevent the spread of cancer cells. Overall, Thai tea contains vitamins, anti-oxidants, and polyphenol that can fight cancer.

  • Energy Booster

Thai tea has a moderate amount of caffeine that can affect your body. It is quite different from the caffeine in coffee because it won’t trigger a faster heart rate. The amount of caffeine here can stimulate greater energy and enhance alertness. If you drink Thai tea in a certain amount of time, it can help you to get better metabolism that will help you get healthier.

  • Healthy Artery

Drinking Thai tea, or in this case, black tea regularly can also help to prevent stroke. There are numerous studies about black tea and most of them find out that drinking black tea encourages healthier artery. The black tea helps the artery to expand and promote better blood circulation. The risk of stroke is reduced compared to those who don’t drink black tea at all.

  • Asthma

The most common root of asthma is breathing trouble. The condition will be worse when there are throat inflammation and allergy. But this condition will not happen if you drink Thai tea. Thai tea will help in soothing the throat and the anti-oxidant will help in preventing the inflammation.

Should You Drink Thai Tea on a Daily Basis?

Although there are lots of benefits from drinking Thai tea, you cannot drink it often. The amount of caffeine in Thai tea is good for the body, but if you drink too much Thai tea, the caffeine will make you feel nausea and dizzy. The condition will be worse if you cannot consume caffeine at all.

The ideal amount of caffeine you can consume each day is around 200 to 400mg, but it will be varied for each person. You can still drink Thai tea on a daily basis, but if you show signs of caffeine hypersensitivity, you need to stop drinking it.

Thai tea is made from brewed black tea and it is impossible to say that it doesn’t contain caffeine at all. But, the amount of caffeine in Thai tea is not fixed as it depends on the making methods.

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