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Does Milk Tea Have Caffeine? All You Should Know About It

Does Milk Tea Have Caffeine? All You Should Know About ItCaffeine in milk tea is reported to be higher than other beverages. It is a surprising fact knowing that it is one of the most popular beverages in the world among all ages. The amount of caffeine on it makes this drink dangerous for some people. Then, the question is, is it okay to still drink it?

Caffeine Level in Milk Tea vs Other Beverages

Milk tea is widely sold as a favorite beverage, especially in Southeast Asia. This drink is originally from Hongkong, but the popularity surpasses other popular drinks in the world because of its delicious taste.

The milk tea comes with original flavor and sometimes you can also find other additional flavors, like coffee milk tea, matcha milk tea, chocolate milk tea, and other unique flavors. Surprisingly, the additional flavors go well with the unique taste of milk tea. No wonder, lots of people, from the kids to adults, love this drink.

The caffeine mainly comes from the tea used as the main ingredients. Tea has caffeine less than coffee. But, don’t worry, the amount of caffeine in tea is considered safe. The caffeine in tea is actually important for the body to keep you energized throughout the day.

There is actually no exact amount of caffeine in tea because you also need to consider the brewing time and other additional ingredients in the drink. Having the tea itself is considered safe, but since the tea in milk tea is mixed with milk, the risk doubled. Other additional ingredients, like boba or tapioca pearl in milk tea, also plays a big role to determine the amount of caffeine in milk tea.

Surprisingly, there is a high level of caffeine found in milk tea. According to the Centre for Food Safety and the Consumer Council of Hongkong, the caffeine in milk tea is around 170mg per 232ml. The amount of caffeine can be varied, but sadly, not many sellers include the amount of caffeine information. The number can be higher but also can be lower.

Compared to other commercial drinks in the market, milk tea has a higher amount of caffeine. Some energy drinks, like Red Bull, Lucozade Energy, and even Monster Energy have lower caffeine level below 100mg. Starbucks Caffe Latte which uses coffee as a main ingredient only has 150mg caffeine level per 473ml.

The suggested caffeine daily intake is 400mg at maximum, but the number also depends on each individual. The amount of caffeine daily intake for pregnant women is around 200-300mg per day, while children should be less than 2.5-5mg. At a glance, the amount of caffeine is doubled even tripled in milk tea. This number is considered high and pregnant women, as well as kids, are advised not to drink it anymore.

Drink Milk Tea with Moderation

If you are a devoted fan of milk tea, you need to think it through again. The amount of caffeine is higher than coffee and it might be very dangerous for you if you keep drinking milk tea on a daily basis. There are also some conditions that you need to be aware of before buying your favorite milk tea.

  • Low Tolerance for Caffeine

Having a low tolerance for caffeine but still drinking milk tea will be very dangerous for you. The caffeine will make your heart works faster and it can result in nausea and vomiting. In the worst-case scenario, it can result in heart failure or stroke.

  • Pregnant/Kids

Pregnant women and kids also need to stop drinking milk tea. The amount of caffeine it has will be very dangerous for the baby and kids. It will be very dangerous for the baby because the mother can have a miscarriage and it will also affect the brain function. While for kids, caffeine can make them have higher blood pressure and it can make them hyperactive.

  • Insomnia

People drink caffeine to make them energized and to keep them stay awake. However, a higher amount of caffeine can result in insomnia. Insomnia itself can be very dangerous as it can trigger serious illness. You can also be sleep deprived and it may bring a change of lifestyle.

  • Your Body Shakes or Trembles

Another side-effect you might feel is when your body trembles or shakes. It will happen to you if you take a high amount of caffeine at once. The caffeine triggers the blood pressure and it will give a light change to your nervous system. As a result, it makes your body shakes or trembles.

  • Addiction

Caffeine also has the same effects like other drugs, like cocaine and amphetamine. Meaning that it can give you addiction and you might not able to get through the day before drinking caffeine.

The caffeine in milk tea is higher than most beverages. This drink can be very delicious, but it can be a threat if you don’t have a high tolerance for caffeine. At the bottom line, it’s okay to drink it once a while.

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