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Does Hot Chocolate Go Bad? – How to Store Hot Chocolate

Does Hot Chocolate Go Bad? - How to Store Hot ChocolateCan hot chocolate go bad? Some people believe that it is perfectly fine to drink hot chocolate past its expiry date, while some others will throw it out. In fact, it’s quite hard to tell whether the hot chocolate is still good to drink or not. Don’t worry, here are some new insight for you.

Hot Chocolate Does Go Bad

If you are wondering whether hot chocolate can go bad, the answer is yes, hot chocolate can go bad. You might think that the hot chocolate comes in powder and it will perfectly fine once you pour hot water. It is not true because it will affect the flavor and it might cause stomachache. In the worst case, it can cause food poisoning.

However, there are three different chocolates that you can purchase in the market, the uncooked one, the pure one, and the mixed one. The uncooked one is entirely made from raw beans and it is the worst chocolate to store. The uncooked chocolate can go bad easily and it is likely to be contaminated by bacteria.

The mixed chocolate with some additions, like milk, cream, fruit, and any other things will also easily go bad. If you have this kind of chocolate, it is better not to store it for a long time as it can be contaminated by bacteria.

If you want to have hot chocolate in every season, buying pure chocolate is the answer. Pure chocolate can last for a longer time. However, you need extra care to prevent it to go bad easily.

Signs That Tell You to Throw Away the Chocolate

There are ongoing debates on determining the hot chocolate expiration. Some say that there are no differences in appearances, but the taste and smell are not that chocolaty. It is quite true since it is hard to see the difference in the chocolate powder. Not only hard to see, but the chocolate powder smell can also differ based on the way you store it.

The best thing to do to measure the quality of hot chocolate is to pour hot water on it. If you take a sip and it has different taste compared to the first time you buy it, it is a clear sign that the hot chocolate has gone bad.

Another clear sign that tells you to throw away the hot chocolate is by paying attention to the chocolate powder. Although it is quite hard to see, if you spot some white spot on it, it is a sign that the mold has grown on it.

You can also try to feel the texture of the chocolate powder. If it has gone bad, the chocolate powder will become clumpy and damp. If you spot those signs, you need to immediately throw away the chocolate power. It won’t cost you a lot to buy the new one. Remember, it is better to feel safe than sorry.

How to Prevent Spoilage: The Best Way to Store the Chocolate

If you want to enjoy how chocolate every day without worrying about the quality, you need to pay extra attention to the way you store it. You also need to know the best ways to prevent the hot chocolate to go bad.

  • Store in Dry and Cool Place

The first rule to avoid hot chocolate to go bad it to store the chocolate powder in a dry and cool place. Meaning that you need to avoid storing it under direct sunlight. It is perfectly fine to store the chocolate powder in the pantry as long as you make sure that the powder isn’t exposed to heat and excessive moisture.

  • Use Air-tight Container

If you want the chocolate powder to last longer, you need to store it in an air-tight container. The container will prevent excess moisture to spoil the powder. It doesn’t mean that you can store it in the refrigerator, but you still need to choose the place with room temperature.

  • Prevent Using Wet Spoon to Scoop the Chocolate Powder

Another trick that will prevent the hot chocolate go bad is by using the right spoon to scoop the powder. Make sure you always use dry spoon every time you scoop the powder. This way, you can prevent the powder to get contaminated and wet. It will also prevent the bacteria to enter the container.

  • Throw it Away After a Year

Although you have done those preventions, you cannot expect the chocolate powder to always be good to consume. It is better if you throw it away after storing it for a year long. Don’t forget to change the container before storing the new chocolate powder.

It is actually fine to drink hot chocolate beyond its expiry date. But, if you suspect the hot chocolate already go bad, you cannot force yourself to drink it. To prevent it to happen, you need to master the know-how to store chocolate.

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