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Do Tea Bags Go Bad? Anything You Should Know About It

Do Tea Bags Go Bad? Anything You Should Know About ItToday has passed the expiry date of the package, but do tea bags go bad? The simple yet intriguing question might make you hesitate to throw away the box in your hand. Learn more about the fresh and best period of the product. It would be even better if you could lock the freshness for years by applying simple trick.

Why Do Tea Bags Go Bad?

Certainly, it is because you don’t store it properly. The most common practice is leaving the tea package opened. If you are one of the careless buddy, then be prepared to lose the distinctive flavor from tea leaves. In addition, damp temperature might make the bags get wet, especially if the factory doesn’t include plastic cover.

Moreover, tea leaves automatically absorb damp air and bacteria through small pores on the paper. As the result, the dry leaves gradually get wet and destroy the bag from the inside. If you could maintain room temperature, then there should be no problem with the tea bags and the aromatic dried leaves in it.

How to Tell That the Tea Bag Is Bad?

It is a basic rule to check all the ingredients you are going to make. Checking the quality of tea in a proper and valid way would cost a lot. The good news is you can do a simple test to determine its freshness. First, see the outer package. Do tea bags go bad? If yes, then you should not think twice to get rid of it. If the package is okay, you could proceed to the second test.

Smell the suspected tea. Does it have the unique aroma of tea? If yes, then the natural oil on the leaves is still preserved. Making it would give you a cup of flavorful and aromatic tea. Once the fragrant aroma fade away, you won’t get to taste a proper cup of tea. If you are not sure yet, go with the last resort.

Your last chance would be brewing it. Do this for approximately three to five minutes. You must be able to sense the strong aroma of tea. If you only smell weak fragrance and odd taste, then it is time to rip off the tea bag.

What Does “Best Before” Date Mean?

The real meaning behind the period warning attached on the package is to tell you the best period to consume the tea. The factory could guarantee the best taste only if you make the product within the suggested date. When the date passed, the flavor might slowly disappear and you can’t file a complaint to the factory.

You might find different best period for different brand. This is totally normal. Widely consumed tea could last more or less a year after purchase. However, some tea variants are more fragile and start losing their delicate taste only after six month. Do tea bags go bad? No, you can consume it, but don’t compare the flavor to the newly bought product. Just remember that tea is not an everlasting item, so you must throw it away someday.

How to Store Tea Properly?

Before you think about this point, make sure you understand that the manufacturer has made an effort to keep the freshness of tea leaves. The tea bag, made from particular paper, locks the flavor inside tea leaves while letting the air pass through the pores. Several manufacturers prefer to have the bags stored directly in a pack, while several others give double protection by providing plastic cover inside the package.

The problem starts when you have brought it home. How are you planning to store it? Some easy going people probably will stack it inside the drawer, while the meticulous ones keep it in a sealed box. The thing is, storing tea cannot be fitted to one personality or preference only. You have to follow the instruction to prolong tea shell life.

  • Use Airtight Container

You might keep it inside a jar or box, but none of these could be compared with airtight container. Without direct contact to changing room temperature, you could keep the lea fresh and clean. There should be no mold pool, unless you didn’t dry it up properly. Moreover, container could limit your impulse to purchase more tea than needed.

  • Label It

Since tea has limited shell life, you should pay attention to this following detail: the date. Mark your container with the purchase date. This way, you will know when to recycle or throwing away the tea package.

Is There Any Way to Make Use of the Expired Tea?

Knowing that the tea has lost half of its quality makes some people think twice before making it for afternoon comfort drink. In addition to it, the question “do tea bags go bad?” runs in their mind repeatedly. When they check, the bag is leaked or has blackish mold on it. Surprisingly, the tea still preserves its unique aroma. In this case, throwing it away would be a waste. You could use it for the other purpose.

  • Air Purifying

Tea leaves is popular for its ability to absorb bad odors as well as the bacteria in the air. Rip off the tea bag and put the tea leaves in the corner of your room. Now your expired tea has transformed as air purifier and provides aromatherapy effect.

  • Eye Mask

You could also treat your puffy eyes with tea. Do tea bags go bad? Then peel it and wrap the tea leaves with thin and soft cloth instead. Dip it into cold water and let it sit on your eyes for 20 minutes.

  • Natural Hand Wash

Although it may be a bizarre custom, washing hands with tea leaves is great. Especially, after you handle seafood products such as fish, shrimp, etc. The natural oil will wash away the smelly odor from your hand and leave its own distinctive aroma.

Tea is a must have list in the grocery and even a meaningful gift for the beloved relatives or friends. You might keep it so well that you forget to make it. Even when the expiry date has passed, check again: do tea bags go bad? As long as the package is not leaked yet, the tea inside is still edible.

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