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Do K Cups Expire and How to Store It to Keep It Good?

Do K Cups Expire and How to Store It to Keep It Good?Keurig K-cups become an essential part of every household. With this coffee maker, you will get to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, chocolate, or tea every time. But, the essential question is, does K-cups expire? Do you know that there are some ways you can do to preserve the K-cups condition?

Printed K-Cups Expiration Date

Before you brew your favorite drinks with your Keurig K-cups, it is better to locate the expiration date of the K-cups. Every K-cup actually comes with printed Best Before Date, not the expiration date. You can find it on the packaging, whether it is on the side of the cup or on the top of the cup.

The expiration date is printed using white ink and it is quite small to find, let alone to read. If you want to know the date, you can use magnifying glass or glasses. The Best Before Date lets you know the recommended period to use the K-cups and past the date, you might notice different flavor and aroma.

K-Cups Quality Decrease Over Time

Having the Best Before Date doesn’t necessarily tell you the quality of the K-cups. The K-cups actually can last longer. The Best Before Date here is a general guideline for you to use the K-cups. However if you use it past the date, it is perfectly fine because the manufacturer says that K-cups can last around six to nine months after the printed date.

The K-cups doesn’t have an expiration date, but you will notice a change of aroma and flavor over time. It is because the K-cups are made to retain moisture, oxygen, and light to preserve the freshness of the drinks. Compared to other cups, K-cups can last longer.

Although K-cups doesn’t have an exact expiration date, you can easily tell when the K-cups have gone bad. One of the strengths of the K-cups is the packaging. Since it retains the freshness of the drink, you need to inspect the quality of the packaging before brewing your favorite drink.

If you notice that the packaging is distorted, it is better to replace the K-cups into the new one. You need to inspect the seal and if it is broken, the freshness of the drinks won’t last long. You also need to make sure that the K-cups don’t have dent or holes if they do, you need to immediately throw them away.

The broken packaging will allow mold to grow on the K-cups. If you already make your favorite drink, you can notice that the cups have gone bad by tasting the drinks. The drinks will have a foul smell and you will notice that the taste is very different.

The Best Ways to Store K-Cups to Preserve Its Freshness

Using the K-cups after the expiration date won’t actually kill you, but it can cause allergy for some people. More importantly, it will also make the drinks feel disgusting to drink. To retain the freshness of the K-cups, you need to know the best ways to store them.

Storing the cups in a cool and dry place like in your kitchen counter will work best. Make sure that the K-cups are not exposed to direct sunlight or strong temperature, like near your oven or stove. But, it is better if you invest in a K-cup drawer that you can find everywhere. The drawer will preserve the quality of the K-cups and it will also be a good decoration for your kitchen. Or, you can buy the Keurig with a built-in drawer that enables you to store your K-cups.

Make sure that the packaging is still intact before you store them and avoid tearing the seal open at any cost. It is because the air can enter the cups and the molds can grow easily. Some people believe that freezing the K-cups will make them last longer, but actually, it doesn’t. The cups are made with great quality and storing it on an extreme temperature will only make them go bad faster.

K-cups actually come with the printed Best Before Date. You can use the K-cups after the expiration date, but if you notice that the coffee doesn’t taste the same or when you feel that the aroma changed, it is better to throw them away and replace the K-cups.

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