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Do Coffee Grounds Go Bad? Here’s the Full Explanation

Do Coffee Grounds Go Bad? Here's the Full ExplanationThis question pretty common to be asked especially if you drink coffee irregularly. Of course it’s pretty concerning to drink coffee if it’s already stale. Rather than just answering whether coffee ground can go bad or not, in this article we will discuss anything related to that. This is important especialy since you can’t really rely on the expiration date to determine it.

Do Coffee Grounds Go Bad?

Easy answer, YES, just like any other foods or drinks except pure honey, coffee can go bad, that’s including coffee ground. In fact, because it has more surface exposed to air compared to roasted coffee beans, coffee grounds will go bad faster than roasted coffee beans. That’s why it’s advised to grind coffee as much as needed to drink at that moment only, unless you’re buying pre-ground coffee.

Thing you should know is coffee ground will lost its nice smell dan delicious taste slowly long before it go bad. Once it starting to smell bad, that’s mean you should not drink it. The taste will be bad and furthermore rancid coffee make you sick.

What Makes Coffee Ground Bad?

It takes some times before the coffee ground go bad. During that time, many factors affect the process.

  • Oxidation

It is not difficult to find the sample of oxidation in the daily life. A peeled apple will turn into brown several minutes after exposed to the air. Similar things also happen to the iron. Leave the iron under the rain and let it dry by itself. There will be rust mark on some places.

Similar process also happens to coffee. Leaving the coffee grounds on the open storage will allow oxygen to react with micro chemicals in the coffee. As the result, the aromatic oil will evaporate. Next time you brew the ground coffee, the drink will be less fragrant and less tasty.

  • Unfriendly Environment

When purchasing the coffee, the the direction about storing ground coffee often mention “chilled place”. It directly points to the bad effect of sunlight on the coffee. Too much light and heat will speed up the oxidation steps.

So basically, no lights for coffee. However, the damp place is not a choice, either. The coffee grounds might absorb too much moisture. Then, the mold will grow in no time, ruining the coffee.

How Long Could It Last?

There are three things that should be considered to keep coffee fresh: the best before date, the quality of the coffee beans and the storage method. It is important to purchase coffee ground with over a year best before date. This coffee could be consumed maximum 6 months after the date. It could be longer if the coffee is stored in the freezer.

Keep in mind that opening the coffee ground pack and closing it will cut the serving date. For example, storing the opened coffee will reduce its shelf life to 4 months after the date.

How to Prolong Coffee Ground Life?

No matter how vulnerable ground coffee is, many consumers are still looking for it. Why? Because it is more convenient to make. In this case, the consumers need to learn how to store the coffee ground and get its maximum freshness every day.

Pick an airtight container to store the coffee ground. Keep in mind that smaller container is better, as the oxidation will not happen to all of them. Then avoid the damp place to put the jar.

The ritual to throw the coffee ground to the freezer for over a year is not valid. The consumers should not be trapped in the false information. Thankfully, there are ways to make coffee grounds last longer. So, do coffee grounds go bad? Yes, if stored carelessly.

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