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Difference Between Black and Green Tea: Which One Is for You?

Difference Between Black and Green Tea: Which One Is for You?In the fight between black tea vs green tea, which will you side with? All tea lovers must be aware that there are many types of tea out there. However, when it comes down to the Camellia sinensis tea, the teas can always be grouped into black and green teas. With distinctive making process, taste, and health benefits, there’s always a showdown between the two. Let’s settle the fight below.

Black Tea and Green Tea Origin

Tea may be internationally popular as a British drink, but the drink itself came from China. To be exact, it was brought by Portuguese merchant to Europe in the 16th Century before reaching popularity in Britain by the 17th Century.

Both green and black tea themselves has existed before its West peak popularity, along with other types such as oolong and yellow tea. However, green tea was the most popular type in China because it is how the tea leaves were originally processed for a long time.

On the other hand, the Western people much preferred the taste of black tea. This difference of tastes created the long rooted dispute of black tea vs green tea.

The Processes

To begin with, the steps of producing the tea types are the first steps where the black tea vs green tea dispute began. As we have mentioned above, green tea was one of the earliest tea type produced. They are not oxidized and immediately pan-fried before rolled and dried. The last steps were specially done to stop the leaves’ oxidation, thus keeping the dried tea green instead of black.

As you can guess, black tea was the polar opposite of green tea. It is fully oxidized, which is why the dried leaves are black. The leaves are also wilted and crushed in the process to create a stronger flavor when brewed.

The Taste

When it comes in taste comparison between black tea vs green tea, people can infer them based on the process steps. As green tea is treated more delicately, it’s no wonder that the taste is lighter compared to black tea.

The grassy tones and bright yellow color are other memorable points of green tea. Meanwhile, as the name suggests, the taste and color of black tea is much more condensed and sweeter compared to green tea, which is why it is winning the black tea vs green tea dispute in the West.

The Caffeine Level

What about caffeine content? Well, if you are looking for a coffee substitute, a cup of strong black tea is likely to serve you better between black tea vs green tea. According to Linus Pauling Institute, a cup of black tea can offer 42 until 72 milligrams of caffeine per cup – a bit lower compared to coffee’s 95mg, but still a good substitute otherwise.

It’s also a good leap for those who want to stop drinking coffee altogether. Meanwhile, green tea is much better for those who have mild caffeine sensitivity or doesn’t really need caffeine because there are only about 9 to 50mg of caffeine depending on the leave you used and how strong it is brewed.

The Health Benefits

In general, teas are beneficial for health, as they are known as a good source of antioxidant and cholesterol fighter. However, there is still some difference between the benefits of black tea vs green tea. While both tea types can help lower cholesterol, they worked differently.

Green tea can control the cholesterol level in your bloodstream by increasing the number of good cholesterol while reducing the bad one. Meanwhile, black tea improves blood vessel function instead – especially benefiting for those who have coronary artery disease.

There are other benefits of drinking tea which are cancer prevention and teeth health. Led by green tea, both green and black tea have cancer combatting properties such as catechins.

Both tea types also promote teeth and bone health as it provides sufficient fluoride content; green tea has about 0,3 to 0,4mg while black ones have 0,2 to 0,5mg. Such number is a great help to harden bones and teeth while preventing cavities when drunk daily. If you made your tea with tap water, expect the fluoride content to be a bit higher.

The Verdict

As we can see below, both black and green tea is beneficial for health, with green tea leading on the cancer-preventing aspect. However, the taste produced by the making processes created distinctive flavors for each, which can be loved or hated depending on the person’s tastes.

So, who do you think won between black tea vs green tea? The answer lies in the drinker’s preference. After all, both tea types are beneficial for health. Since they are processed differently, the caffeine level and taste differ as well. In the end, the only way to settle the fight is by sticking to our own preferences.

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