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David’s Tea vs Teavana: Which One Is Better?

David’s Tea vs Teavana: Which One Is Better?Every tea lover must’ve been familiar with the debate between David’s Tea versus Teavana. These two tea houses are in an ongoing competition to determine which one is better. As a customer, you also need to be filled in on it to decide which tea house you’d better visit.

The Battle Between David’s Tea and Teavana

If talking about the best tea house in town, you must have thought about David’s Tea and Teavana. These two biggest tea houses in the United States and Canada lead the tea brewing business. Both of them are quite popular among every tea lovers and some have a difficult time to decide which tea house is worth to visit. Don’t worry, here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of each tea house that you can take into consideration.

  • Menu

If talking about both David’s tea and Teavana, it will be incomplete if doesn’t include their menu. Each of them has a different set of menu and they have their own signature. For some people, the taste of the tea may be delicious, but some others don’t.

Teavana, for example, has a signature tea called blooming tea. Similar to its name, you need to put a ball of tea leaves in the hot water and the ball will turn into a beautiful flower. Some customers like the concept of this blooming tea while others only like the appearance and say that the tea is completely tasteless.

Then, if you buy the tea from Teavana and try to make it at home, you will notice that the tea has a different taste. It is because the sample tea has a stronger flavor and sweet taste. Some customers also notice that the amount of tea you need to use instructed on the label is different from the amount of tea they use. The similar case also happens with the amount of sugar they use.

Compared to Teavana, some of the menu on David’s tea tastes better. They have a large range of tea flavor you can choose. They are not merely tea with flavor, but they offer you with real fruit on the tea. If you like your tea iced, it is a good choice to go to David’s Tea because they can make the perfect iced tea for you.

More importantly, they also offer you with limited seasonal tea that has various tastes. Then, you can also taste the same tea even if you bought the tea to make at home. Different from Teavana, David’s tea put the right instruction with the correct amount of ingredients you need to use. The quality of the tea is similar to the sample tea you taste.

  • Price

The highlighted thing about the battle between Teavana and David’s Tea is the price of their products. The price actually depends on the quality of the tea. Mostly, the higher the quality of the tea, the more expensive they are.

For Teavana, the prices are more expensive than David’s Tea. For a cup of tea, you will spend more than $20, while in David’s Tea, mostly you will only spend around $8 to $9 for a cup of tea. Both of them offer you with oolong tea, but Teavana charges you around $28 for 100g while David’s Tea only charges you around $9 for 100g.

  • Service

Not only the variety of menu and price that are different, but the service of both tea houses are also different. Some customers note that Teavana’s staff is too pushy. They try to make the customers buy the products they don’t need. Some staff also seems to be upset when the customers don’t buy the products.

Some customers figure out that there are reasons behind the pushy staff. It turns out that the staff will get a bonus when they can sell the products. That’s why they are quite upset when the customers don’t buy the products.

Different from Teavana, the staff in David’s Tea is all friendly. They do offer you the products, but they don’t force you to buy them. Some customers also note that the staff is very helpful, especially when they serve the tea for you.

Another difference is found when you buy the tea from them online. Both of them let you buy your favorite tea from their official websites. Some customers are not very happy with the interface of Teavana’s website, but it is easily forgotten because they have great subscriptions.

Although David’s Tea is excellent in the “real” world, the service they give on the website is quite poor. They have a quite accessible website, but they don’t offer better shipping notification. In some parts of the city, they have poor delivery service.

David’s Tea versus Teavana is an interesting battle every tea lover like. Some believe that David’s Tea is better than Teavana and vice versa. However, you need to respect other people’s choice and avoid subjective judgment because each tea house has its own strengths and weaknesses.

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