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Cuban Coffee Recipe: How to Make a Tasty Cuban Coffee

Cuban Coffee Recipe: How to Make a Tasty Cuban CoffeeIf you like Cuban coffee, you must know about Cuban coffee recipe. Cuban coffee is a kind of espresso. It is well known in Latin countries in America. It tastes very delicious. However, it has different tastes with other coffees. That is why there are many people who love it. If you are also interested in this coffee, you need to pay attention to the following recipes.

Cuban Coffee Recipe with Sugar Foam

This is one of the most common Cuban coffee recipes. So, you can also follow this recipe. In this recipe, you are required to follow some steps. You should follow them rightly based on the instructions below:

1. Choose the Best Coffee Beans

Firstly, you must choose the coffee beans. You have to choose the best one based on your desire. Cuban style is usually powerful and aromatic. Besides that, it is also available in different brands such as La Llave, Pilon, and Bustelo. If you consider grinding beans by your own using a traditional pot, you should grind to a coarse powder. For the amount, it depends on how many cups of Cuban coffee you want to make.

2. Fill the Pot with Coffee & Water

After you choose the coffee beans and prepare water, the next step in this Cuban coffee recipe is to fill the pot with your chosen coffee. Then, pour water into it up to safety valve. If you do not like manual, you can consider using an espresso machine. However, the result is not as good as traditional Cuban coffee. So, I still recommend you to make it traditionally and manually to get the best taste.

3. Set Medium-low Heat

After everything is prepared well, now you can continue to the next step. In this step, this recipe of Cuban coffee requires you to set the heat. Make sure that you set it in medium-low heat. During the brewing process, you should monitor it. Because it requires you to see the inside of the pot, you can let the lid open. So, you can control it more easily. However, it does not matter if you keep the lit closed.

4. Add the Sugar with the Right Measurement

Now, it is time to add sugar. Adding sugar can be considered as one of the most keys in making Cuban coffee recipe because it affects the taste. It is on the foam from whipping coffee & sugar together. Usually, traditional Cuban coffee requires 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of sugar for each espresso shot. It equals to a deep cup. Nowadays, many people prefer less sweet taste. It will be a good idea to use raw sugar but white sugar can also be considered.

5. Pour the Coffee Little by Little

When pouring the coffee, you cannot do it directly. You should pour the coffee into the sugar using a teaspoon. You cannot let it end up with liquid. If the coffee is too much, you can make another cup of coffee.

6. Whip Them Together

The next step in this Cuban coffee plan is to whip the coffee as well as sugar together. You can use a metal spoon. Whip it for about 2 minutes. At first, it looks dark and later it will look lighter with foam. You can try taste it first even though the step is not finished yet. In fact, some people love it so much.

7. Pour the Rest of Coffee

After you whip the mixture of coffee and sugar for at least 2 minutes, now you can pour the rest of coffee on it. Then, stir it until the brown foam rises on the top. In this step, pour the rest of coffee into the espresso cup carefully. This is the last step in this Cuban coffee recipe. Now, it is ready to serve.

8. Serve the Cuban Coffee

Before you serve the Cuban coffee, there are some ways to consider. The first is to serve it as Cafecito where it looks black and has no addition besides espumita. The second is Cortadito where it is blended with milk. The milk should have equal amount with the coffee. Another option is to serve it as Café con leche where it is mixed with steamed milk for the additional taste. Sometimes, you also need a little butter and salt.

Brewing Coffee Directly in a Moka Pot

It will also be a good idea to brew coffee directly in a moka pot. This will be simpler and takes faster time. To make this Cuban coffee recipe, you need to follow these steps below:

1. Mix Sugar to Coffee Ground
In this recipe, you can directly put coffee ground in the moka pot mixed with sugar. It will create weaker foam. For moderate sweetness, the sugar needed is about 1 to 2 teaspoons per Cuban coffee serving.

2. Place Coffee Ground in the Moka Pot Loosely
Next, you should place the coffee ground loosely in the moka pot. Use your hand to hold the moka pot.

3. Pour in Water
The next step of this Cuban coffee recipe requires you to pour in water into the moka pot. In this step, you should use preheated water to get the best result. The amount of the water depends on your desire. Do it carefully and do not let it spilled.

4. Brew It with Medium-low Heat
Lastly, you should brew it. For the best result, you should set it with medium-low heat. After it is completely brewed, turn it off. Now, you can serve it using cups of coffee.

That is all the ideas that you can try. Now, you can make it by your own at home. You can also express your ideas into your own recipe. Anyway, Cuban coffee is really tasty. Hopefully the Cuban coffee recipe above can be a useful for you all, especially who love coffee and espresso. So, you can make your own Cuban coffee anytime you want.

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