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Chemex vs French Press, Which One Is Suited for You?

Chemex vs French Press, Which One Is Suited for You?While people are starting to shift from the traditional coffee brewer to manual machine, chemex vs french press are the best offers in the store. Many prefer them upon the other coffee brewers because of their affordable price and the fine coffee in the end. Learning deeper about each machine might tickle you to lay your hands on the opposite product.

The History: Chemex vs French Press

You might not believe your eyes when you first see Chemex. It looks like some sort of tool from chemistry laboratory. Tracing back to the past, you will find that the unique coffee maker was invented by a doctor of chemistry named Peter J. Schlumbohm, Ph.D. In 1941, he took the Erlenmeyer flask and pair it with glass funnel in his laboratory to make the early coffee maker. His idea is getting its place again in people’s hearts.

A decade before Chemex is popular, coffee shops maintain their stable income from French press. How? It is by training baristas to do the proper brewing method, before serving their guests. In the other words, you could get a cup of fine coffee only if you master the method. Otherwise, the final product won’t be as tasty as the one you bought from the store.

Another chemex vs french press difference you could highlight is the material. While chemex offer classic look with its pure glass design, the competitor takes a more conventional approach. Combining many different materials, Attilio Calimani, an Italian artist who designs the machine, makes one tool statement: the plunger. It is installed to the lid. You could also find the brewing chamber inside.

Coffee Makers Comparison

People start to compare chemex vs french press because they want the best coffee maker in the store. In fact, these two items stands on the opposite side. The great coffee makers are not similar in almost all aspects.

  1. Brewing Time

You will have more time to appreciate the process of coffee making on holiday or special occasion only. Most of the time, you barely have time for each morning ritual, and saving a minute or two for your coffee is a big help. Chemex takes up to five to six minutes of your time. It takes around two minutes to set the filter and rinse it. Then, you need another four minutes for brewing.

With French Press machine, you don’t need a filter. You can save some minutes by skipping the machine heating process. That is why, the brewing is done even faster. You literally wait for the brewing only, which take around three to four minutes. Are you a fan of strong coffee? Then dedicate one longer minute for brewing. If you value time more than anything, then grab the French press.

  1. Easy Brewing

Since not all people could use the complicated machine, the machine that could explain itself to the costumers would be more favorable. Thus, it is one of determining factor in chemex vs french press showdown. If you use Chemex, you have to invest your time to grind the beans first. Make sure you get the medium coarse grounded coffee beans.  The next step is installing the filter on the machine.

In this step, you have to be precise and strict: no other filter is allowed except the one especially designed for Chemex. The commercial filter won’t fit to the mouth and will be thinner than it should be. Chemex filter is thick and help a lot in filtration process. Using the ordinary ones will leave a lot of sediments or waste in the bottom of your cup. The soaking process requires you to perform several simple tricks.

On the second pour, start with wiggling the grounded coffee before you soak it. While pouring the water, draw a spiral, gently. Avoid pouring the water directly. This way, the grounded coffee bean would be even, for both the temperature and time. These two factors will affect how tasty your coffee will be.

French press, in the other hand, has quite different approach. If you compare the grinding procedure of chemex vs french press, there is nothing to compare. Both require time and effort. Thanks to the built in filter, you don’t need to install additional filter on the machine. French press coffee maker has tinker, which acts as the plunger as well as filter.

Done with the grinding, you should have bloom process. It means releasing carbon dioxide from newly roasted coffee, the moment hot water touch the grind. The second pour requires no certain pattern, either. You need to give four minutes for ideal brewing process. Press the plunger with steady and slow movement. Doing this too fast or too strong will raise the coffee ground from the carafe. Serve the coffee immediately for the best taste.

  1. Easy Cleaning

Chemex, as mentioned above, keep the coffee ground on the filter. All you need to do is throwing away the filter and rinse the tube. It would be a whole different story with French Press. Since the part of its machine acts as the filter, you need to clean up thoroughly after brewing. Comparing the time of chemex vs french press cleaning, you will save more than two minutes to rinse Chemex. French press takes three minutes at the least.

  1. Coffee Quality

Now that you have read all details about the brewing and cleaning, the last thing to consider is the coffee you are going to drink. Since chemex utilize a filter made from thicker material, it serves you a clean coffee with less to none waste. The bad news is, this filter is so effective that it also prevents the natural oil to pass. Thus, you will get clean coffee with less aroma and taste.

French press, on the other side, maximizes the beauty of original coffee: fragrant aroma and rich taste. It is because the tinker let the coffee oil pass. However, this part also means that you will have fine coffee ground at the bottom.

It would be very difficult to determine which machine is better. Both works really well and efficient. None of them include frilly accessories just for the sake of presentation. They are also sold at reasonable price. Even if you read different digit, that won’t be much. Now the decision is in your hand: would you prefer a clean coffee from chemex vs french press for richer taste?

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