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Chamomile Tea for Babies: A Guide for Parents

The idea of chamomile tea for babies is often heard and suggested but only few parents know the real fact about it. Chamomile tea is one of the most recommended herbal remedies for adult with many benefits and it helps in so many ways. Can it be safe for babies as well? Let’s find out more.

Nutritional Values of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea for Babies: A Guide for ParentsWhen it comes to baby, a food or a drink should be more than safe. It should be nutritional or at least helpful as well in certain cases. Chamomile tea for babies is known to carry pretty good nutritional values. First, it contains vitamin A, folate, magnesium, and calcium. Even though the minerals and vitamins are not in huge quantity, it is enough to help parents on certain issues.

Second, it also contains several special properties including anti allergic, anti pyretic, anti bacterial, and anti inflammatory. It explains why it is often recommended as remedies. The same properties can help your babies on several issues we are going to discuss later. In addition to those nutritional values, this tea helps in strengthening your baby immune system.

The Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Your Babies

The nutritional values above suggest us that it contains enough vitamins, minerals, and properties that can be beneficial for babies. With proper dosage, chamomile tea for babies can give miraculous benefits parents will be grateful about.

1. To Soothe Colic, Sore Tummy, and Gas

This is the most popular benefit parents need to know. Chamomile tea for babies is the best remedy to soothe colicky pain. Fennel in the tea immediately calms your baby’s intestines and eventually soothes the colic. A study mentioned that around 57% of babies with colic show significant relief, even elimination of the issue, after given the tea.

This tea is also best known as mild neurological and muscle relaxant. Being able to relax the muscle, chamomile tea makes gastrointestinal tract relax while the stools release better. This explains how it helps in gas, sore tummy, and even constipation on babies.

2. To Help Baby Sleeps Better

Chamomile tea contains flavonoids that bind on brain receptor. The effect of this binding includes mild effect of sedation. It explains why it helps in inducing baby’s sleep. It makes the tea a perfect remedy over tired or stressed baby who can’t get to sleep. An ounce of diluted chamomile tea will help your babies.

3. To Soothe Teething Pain

Teething can be a painful and very uncomfortable phase for most babies. To soothe the pain, chamomile tea for babies makes the best option. It is even better than using any other alternatives. To help soothing the pain, sterilize a soft cloth like washcloth, and dip it into a cup of chamomile tea. Then, let your baby chews or bites on it. It immediately reduces the pain and helps in edging off the teething.

4. To Boost Baby Immune System

As explained before, chamomile tea contains anti bacterial properties which explains how it helps in boosting baby’s immune system. In addition to the immune booster function, it also fights the already exists bacteria that causes inflammation in your baby’s body including upper respiratory section, bronchial tube in baby’s throat, trachea, and larynx. It means this tea will help a lot when your baby is having breathing difficulty issue.

5. To Reduce Skin or Gum Swell

Containing anti inflammatory properties in it, this tea is potentially helpful in reducing skin or gum swelling. It is usually the flavonoids that work best in reducing the swelling while it also remains effective in preventing it. In addition to it, the property also helps a lot in soothing an irritated skin like in diaper rash issue. It reduces the pain and quicken the skin recovery.

Possible Side Effects

Even though most herbal remedies, including chamomile tea for babies, contain minimal side effects, parents still need to be aware of the possibilities. With wrong dosage, chamomile tea can cause skin rashes and sore tummy. Especially for babies, the tea should diluted first before given to prevent the side effects.

How to Prepare and Dosage for Babies

The most important thing parents need to know is that this natural remedy shouldn’t be given to baby under six months old age. Plus, proper dosage is crucially important to prevent any side effect.

Before serving chamomile tea for babies, mix one to two teaspoon of chamomile tea with warm water, not hot. You can serve around one or two oz within 24 hours to a baby but not more. You can serve using spoon or bottle. For one year old or older babies, 3 ounces of the mix should be fine. In short, diluted chamomile tea is the recommended serving for babies.

Caution for Parents

Before giving the chamomile tea for babies, it is important for parents to check on other possible ingredients in the tea, especially when you buy the store products. You need to avoid chamomile teat that contains caffeine or certain amount of metal. Your baby can’t take it.

Even though it is very unlikely, some babies can have an allergy to the tea. People who have allergy on rag weed or who have had Hay Fever before tend to have an allergy to this tea. For best decision, consult to your doctor to see if it will fit your baby.

Another study also suggests parents to boil the entire chamomile petals, leaves, and stems for around ten to 15 minutes and strain it before serving. This makes sure the tea is properly prepared and free of dangerous ingredients.

In conclusion, serving this tea is highly recommended. It carries many great properties in addition to enough amounts of vitamins and minerals. It contains great things that can help parents in soothing and eliminating several issues often happen to babies, from colic to distressed babies. Before finally serving the chamomile tea for babies, it is important for parents to check on possible allergy, safe ingredients in the tea, and to prepare and serve appropriately.

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