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Cerasee Tea, What Is It? What Are the Health Benefits of It?

Cerasee Tea, What Is It? What Are the Health Benefits of It?In modern day, people are not only making tea from tea leaves. More herbs have been processed into tea-like shreds and sent to different countries. Among those herbs, there is one product called cerasee tea. Whilst being less popular than the other variants, this herbal tea has powerful substance to cure and maintain health.

What Is Cerasee?

Despite of its unfamiliar name, people might recognize its other name: bitter melon or bitter gourd. This plant originally grows in Africa and Middle East. Nowadays, this bush could be found in many other parts of the world, sometimes being treated as weeds. Some people recognize is as vine plant, trying to tie it up to trellis netting.

If bitter melon plant grows on backyard, it is hard not to notice it, especially when bitter melon fruit has shown. Cerasee leaves are rather wide, with several pointy tips on the sides.  Its young fruits are green, while the ripen ones are either yellow or slightly orange. Once fruit is ripen, the red seeds will be seen.

In its origin, Cerasee is already known for its medical benefits. Locals in Jamaica, for example, enjoy drinking boiled Cerasee’s stem and leaves water. They believe that this Caresee tea brings benefits for hypertension and diabetes patients. Even healthy people drink it for detoxification purpose.

What Are Benefits of Cerasee Tea?

People know how bitter Cerasee is, but they are still consuming it. People realize that the bitterness is just a small obstacle to get Cerasee tea’s benefits. What are those amazing advantages?

  • Curing Allergy and Heart Condition

First famous content of Cerasee is gallic acid, which has strong anti inflammatory agent. This substance is also found on blueberries, walnut and apples in small amount only. Gallic acid is often associated to tannin, as both are commonly found together.

A research by Toxicological Sciences in 2005 revealed that gallic acid reduces allergy reactions. The effect is clearly shown to patients who react aggressively after histamine exposure. Thus, it might also help with any other inflammation caused by allergy reaction.

Another study in 2011 shared how gallic acid also has anti oxidant and anti microbial properties. Combining these two would be a good weapon to combat heart condition. However, it is not any regular hart condition. Gallic acid could help in case of bad heart health caused by diabetes type 1.

  • Lowering Cholesterol And Fat Level

Some other benefits of cerasee tea are closely related to one compound called catechin. This property vasoprotective ability, which means Caresee tea, could help with blood vessels conditions.

Catechin is also known for its cholesterol and fat lowering agent. Thus, consuming Cerasee tea periodically will help to reduce overall fat, especially those around heart and also press down cholesterol level.

  • Clearing Skin

Those who consume this herbal tea are not always people with lethal sickness. Light but disturbing pain such as skin irritation and acnes could be cured using Cerasee tea. Take an example of rashes and eczema. Both conditions could get better if the patients are taking bath using bush bath, mixing caresee tea and some other herbs.

Young people who have acne problems will surely love how Cerasee tea gives benefit to them. Washing their face with Cerasee tea is helping skin to sloshing out germs from skin. Repeat the process every day for a clear skin.

  • Cleaning Toxic

In addition to medical substance, Cerasee also contains vitamin A, C, iron and phosphorus. These four properties are important agents to absorb toxics in human body. No wonder, many medical practitioners suggest their patients who have problem with blood purity to take cerasee tea. Doctors usually tell patients to take them nine days straight.

Toxic cleaning properties in Cerasee tea also helps with constipation and menstrual pain. Even in urinary tract infection case, many patients who consume this herbal tea could feel ease almost immediately.

How to Prepare Cerasee Tea?

People are more than happy to have dried Cerasee leaves, since fresh things are not usually sold in the market. Now that people could have easier access to Cerasee dried leaves and tea bags, how are they going to prepare it? Traditional herb is known for its special preparation, right? Usually, those who are not following the steps right will not be able to get the benefits of cerasee tea.

Despite of all the worries about Cerasee tea processing, it is actually quite simple. Take two spoons of the dried leaves and put them into glass of hot water. Those who fancy stronger and more bitter taste could boil the leaves for a minute before pouring the tea to cup.

Tea is one of the easiest and friendliest concepts to enjoy herbal medicine. Cerasee is known for its strong bitter taste, but it doesn’t stop people to consume cerasee tea. Good reason for this behavior is plenty after effect benefits, which work for both sick and healthy people.

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