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Catnip Tea for Babies – the Fact of Its Benefits and Side Effects

Catnip Tea for Babies - the Fact of Its Benefits and Side EffectsDrinking catnip tea for babies is said to be the best remedy for colic. Some say that it doesn’t harm babies in any way because it is purely herbal, while others don’t really believe the idea of drinking catnip tea because of its side effects. Then, should you still let your babies drink it?

Benefits of Drinking Catnip Tea for Babies

If you are a cat lover, you might be familiar with catnip. This plant is usually used to make the cats more active and help them with digestive problems. Catnip has been used for centuries as herbal medicine. People in some parts of the world used to drink this catnip tea before the tea from China became famous and catnip tea can cure some health problems.

Catnip tea is made from the catnip plant. The flower and the leaves are usually used as the main ingredients of the tea. But sometimes, you can also brew the roots and the seeds for the tea. Some people like to have them plain, while some others like them served with lemon or honey.

Catnip is not only good for your cat but surprisingly, drinking catnip tea can be good for babies. This herb can cure some symptoms and it is quite safe for the babies.

  • Baby Colic

The first benefit of drinking catnip tea for babies is to treat baby colic. Baby colic is a symptom of every baby. It involves episodes of crying. It can happen for more than three hours a day. However, the root of this symptom is still unknown. Some believe that the babies may have some health problem that causes discomfort, while some others believe that it’s just the way babies behave.

Letting this symptom happen may cause more complicated problems for the baby. Moreover, it can cause further problems for the parents. The best way to treat this baby colic is by making a cup of catnip tea for your baby.

This tea is believed to have natural sedative that can help the baby calmer. It is also believed that this tea can soothe the pain of the body. No wonder, some natural medicines use catnip extract as their main ingredients.

  • Diuretic

Catnip tea is diuretic and it can help for increasing overall body health. Diuretic here means that after drinking this catnip tea, your baby will urinate more. It is a safe condition since it can help the body to expel some viruses through urine. Overall, drinking catnip tea for babies can help in treating some health problems.

  • Viruses

Not only helpful for treating baby colic and some other symptoms, but drinking catnip tea is also believed to help the baby to get rid of some health problems like fever, arthritis, hives, and viruses. The nutrition and anti-bacterial in catnip tea help the baby with the digestion problem and overall gastrointestinal problems. The viruses will be eliminated from the body through sweat and, in the end, the body can be free from the viruses.

  • Reduce Anxiety

Like adults, the baby can also feel stressed and anxious. Those conditions might make the baby in a bad mood and it can also affect health. But, drinking catnip tea will help your baby. It is because catnip has a natural compound called nepetalactone that is usually used as a natural sedative. The compound in catnip tea will help the baby to be calmer and relaxed.

Side Effects and Precautions

Catnip tea has different kinds of benefits for your baby because it is all natural. But, you cannot rely on catnip tea to treat your baby. Although it has numerous benefits, some of them are not clinically tested and it may cause some side effects for your baby.

The diuretic benefit of the catnip tea might help to boost the overall health of your baby, but at the same time, it might disturb the bedtime. It means that your baby will urinate more and it will cause discomfort.

Drinking catnip tea can also cause stomachache and headache. Your baby might not be able to tell you this, but if you suspect your baby to show some symptoms, you need to stop giving this tea to your baby.

This tea might be safe for adults, but somehow, it will be very dangerous for the baby. Even, some doctors strictly prohibit you to give the catnip tea for your baby. Before you give catnip tea to your baby, it is better if you discuss this with your doctor. You need to remember that sometimes different medication will work for your baby.

Drinking catnip tea for babies may work, but in some cases, it doesn’t. Before giving your babies this tea, you need to make sure to consult your doctor to avoid the side effects. Then, you also need to learn the best way to serve this tea.

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