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Can Pregnant Women Drink Decaf Coffee? Is It Safe?

Can Pregnant Women Drink Decaf Coffee? Is It Safe?Can pregnant women drink decaf coffee? This question raised because caffeine may cause problem for pregnancy. As we know, coffee is full of caffeine. Furthermore, caffeine has some advantages and disadvantages. It can boost energy but it can cause insomnia and some problems for pregnant women. That is why there are many pregnant who want to drink coffee consider decaffeinated coffee or also well known as decaf coffee. Is it safe? How is it seen by science?

Can Pregnant Women Drink Decaf Coffee with Ethyl Acetate?

Can pregnant women drink coffee? Of course, but most people will say “no”. What makes coffee is not allowed for pregnant women is the caffeine content. So, logically decaf coffee is safe for pregnant women because it does not contain caffeine anymore. So, is it true that decaf coffee is really safe? In fact, decaf coffee is processed using ethyl acetate that. So, we need to know more about this liquid.

Ethyl acetate is a transparent liquid which comes with fruity odor. It is also responsible for fruit smell like pears and bananas. Besides, it can decaffeinate coffee and flavor foods. Even more, it is also used for perfumes, printing inks, nail remover, glues, and paints. A study shows that ethyl acetate can bother eyes and irritate skin. However, it cannot cause allergic response. However, if you consume it too much, it may cause serious health problems.

How Coffee Is Decaffeinated?

Can pregnant women drink decaf coffee? We have answered from the explanation above that it is allowed as long as not too often. The process of decaf coffee starts by immersing green coffee beans in the water that softens them and also dissolves caffeine content. Then, the water holds caffeine. After that, you add ethyl acetate and caffeine will bind to the chemical. Next, the water is heated whereas ethyl acetate steams off to take caffeine with it.

After that, coffee beans are put in the water back & they reabsorb oils and moisture. It is called indirect decaffeination where the coffee beans do not come with ethyl acetate. So, it is labeled as “naturally decaffeinated”. It must contain caffeine less than 0.1 percent. So, can a pregnant woman drink decaf coffee? Considering the caffeine amount, a pregnant woman is allowed to drink it.

Is It Safe to Drink Decaf Coffee when Pregnant?

The safety of drinking decaf coffee during pregnancy is still debatable until now. As we know, one of the most dangerous contents in coffee for pregnancy is caffeine. Without caffeine, coffee will be safer for pregnant women because it will not stimulate central nervous system as well as improve blood pressure. However, you have to know that coffee does not only contain caffeine. Decaf coffee still contains fiber, coffee oil, organic acids, tannin, alkaloids, and resins.

So, can pregnant women drink decaf coffee? Some contents of decaf coffee are good for health but some others are not. A study shows that decaf coffee can improve LDL cholesterol in your blood. It can lead to atherosclerosis. Besides that, decaf coffee can stimulate gastric acid so that it can increase the risk of gastro disease. So, it will be better to consult to doctor before deciding drinking decaf coffee when pregnant.

Limiting Coffee when Pregnant

Some people need to drink coffee to boost their mood. Some others need coffee to enjoy its delicious taste. If a woman often drinks coffee, then when she is pregnant she also sometimes wants to drink coffee surely. With decaf coffee, it will be safer. However, because of the other contents that may not be 100% safe, you have to be careful. So, is decaf coffee safe for pregnant women? A pregnant woman is actually allowed to drink decaf coffee but you have to limit it.

Why Decaf Coffee Is Safer?

As we know, there are many risks of consuming caffeine when you are pregnant. Some of them include insomnia, heart and pulse rate improvement, and miscarriage risk. Besides that, caffeine can also dehydrate you and stun the ample development of fetus. That is why pregnant women consider removing caffeine from coffee. However, a big question still arises: can pregnant women drink decaf coffee safely?

We never say that decaf coffee is 100% safe. However, because it does not contain caffeine, at least it is safer than coffee that still contains caffeine. As it is mentioned before, decaf coffee still has some other contents that may have risks of health problem. Besides that, decaf coffee also still contains caffeine even though in a small amount only.

Experiences from Other Moms

There are some moms or pregnant women who have ever tried drinking decaf coffee when they are pregnant. One of them is a pregnant woman who drinks decaf coffee added with milk. She also adds 3 to 4 milligrams of caffeine. She drinks it almost every day and everything is fine. Because coffee is a diuretic, the only problem is that she goes to bathroom more often and it can lead to dehydration. So, if you drink decaf coffee, you must drink much water to keep you hydrated.

What to Consider in Consuming Decaf Coffee when Pregnant

When you are pregnant, it will be better to stop drinking coffee even decaf coffee. However, if you are really interested in decaf coffee, you can try it occasionally. Even though some cases of decaf coffee do not cause any problem for pregnancy, you still have to be careful. It is because recent studies show that it still has some risks of health issues.

So, you have to consider many things. You need to consider how often you will consume decaf coffee during your pregnancy. Besides that, you also pay attention to the caffeine remained in the coffee. Then, you also must consider meeting and consulting to your doctor if you want to drink decaf coffee during pregnancy. Sometimes, it is not allowed if you have health problems. In conclusion, can pregnant women drink decaf coffee? It depends on many factors we have discussed above.

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