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Can Expired Coffee Make You Sick? Should You Worry About It?

Can Expired Coffee Make You Sick? Should You worry About It?There is a big question for coffee lovers: can expired coffee make you sick? This question arises because there are some people who feel bad after they drink old coffee. On the contrary, there are many people who believe that coffee can’t expire. That is why this topic really interesting and important to be discussed so there is no misunderstanding and worry about this. The following discussion below will try to clear this matter.

Can Coffee Get Expired and Can Expired Coffee Make You Sick?

This is still debatable. We know that most coffee do not have expiration date. However, if you buy coffee in sachet or other packages, you may find the expiration date. But you have to know that the expiration date of coffee means “good to use before”. It’s more to determine the freshness rather than its expiration.

It will be better if you use that coffee before the expiration date but you are still allowed to use it after that date. Before you decided to drink expired coffee, you have to know that the smell and the flavor will change, it will lose it’s delicious taste and its nice aroma. If this keep going, it will start to taste bad and smell bad. At this point do not use it, your coffee has gone bad or rancid. This will make you sick. This is why people won’t drink it.

The Case of Expired Coffee

If you buy a bag of coffee beans, the expiration date is mentioned on the label. You have to pay attention to it. For example, if the label says that the expiration date is at December 2018, you should use it before December 2018. However as mentioned before, this date is more of to determine its freshness. The most important thing to keep the freshness of coffee is how you store it. If the coffee stored properly, there is big chance that it will still fresh after the “expiration date”. If the coffee do not stored properly, there is a chance that it will lose its freshness faster than the expiration date.

According to science, there is no study that shows that coffee can go bad. It means that you can drink coffee even it has been stored for long years. However, it’s not rare that we found people get sick because drinking old coffee, mostly they will get headache and nausea. So, to answer the question can you drink expired coffee, yes you can, but it depends on each person, so you shouldn’t drink it if you can get fresh coffee. Why would you drink coffee that no longer tasty anyway? If you have no choice but to drink old coffee, try to drink it in small quantity first.

How Do We Know If Coffee Has Expired and Goes Bad

Because we can’t really rely on the expiration date to determine the freshness/expiration of coffee, we have to know how to recognize if the coffee already go bad. We have to use our senses in this matter. We can check it through its color, smell, and its taste. Here’s how we can do it:

  1. Color

If you want to drink old coffee, you have to pay attention to the color first whether it changes or not. When coffee is stored for long years, usually it changes but some case does not change the color of the coffee. When the color of the coffee changes, it shows that the coffee has expired and it will be better for you not to drink it.

  1. Smell

The second effect is related to the smell. You will find that the smell of expired coffee will also change. It is different from fresh coffee. It makes many people do not like brewing expired coffee.

  1. Taste

Another effect is on the taste. This is the most important. In fact, people love coffee because of its taste. When the taste is not good enough, people will look for the fresh one.

The Worst Case of Expired Coffee

We can use 3 ways mentioned above to determine expired coffee. You can drink it as long as the changes isn’t so apparent. There is one condition where you have to 100% avoid to drink which is a moldy coffee. Coffee that isn’t stored properly in moist weather will grow mold. This definitely will make you sick so you have to avoid it. Isn’t the coffee itself that causing you sick but the mold.

So, can expired coffee make you sick? yes it can, but not always, there are conditions when you can drink expired coffee and when you have to avoid it. Store your coffee properly to make it fresh as long as possible.

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