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Can Dogs Drink Coffee? What Will Happen If They Drink It?

‘Can dogs drink coffee?’ is common question when we drink coffee regularly and have a dog in our home. Sometimes, we want to share the coffee to our dog while we do not know exactly what will happen to them. While, this following explanation will tell you about the dog which drank a coffee, what you have to do when your dog drank coffee, and so on.

Can dogs drink coffee?

Can Dogs Drink Coffee? What Will Happen If They Drink It?Depends American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, if you give your dog a coffee, it will dangerous your dog. Coffee can harm your dog because it has caffeine. Caffeine is central nervous system stimulant. Usually, this caffeine will make us feel fresh and stimulate our body. You know that caffeine has high concentration of methylxanthine. This chemical essence is commonly found in coffee including brewed coffee, beans, and grounds. Actually this chemical essence is a potent brain stimulant which can affect other organs in your body not only your brains. This high concentration in the caffeine is the main essence that can make your dog poisoned.

However, you cannot say that all dogs will have same reaction after drinking coffee. There is some factor like how big your dog is and how much caffeine in the coffee is. Actually, your dog will have some symptoms if they drink coffee more than 10-20 cc. There will no such as high symptoms if your dog only take a lick of coffee. Even though, you should put your coffee far from your dog.

What will happen if they drink it?

After we discuss about can dogs drink coffee, you need to know what will happen to your dog then. You cannot see the sign whether your dog is poisoned or not after some minutes. The signs will appear on one or two hours later after your dog drank it. It also depends on how much your dog consumes the caffeine. If your dog consumes it a lot and your dog is only small dog, the sign will be quicker and your dog is in emergency. As you know, coffee can affect the brain, heart, and digestive tract of your dog. There are some common signs like vomiting, tremors, restlessness, rapid heart rate. The Pet Poison Helpline mentions other signs such as diarrhea, panting, extreme thirst, excessive urination, increased body temperature, mild to extreme hyperactivity, elevated blood pressure, seizure, until your dog is possibly to death.

Though, there are still many people giving their dog a cup of coffee and there are no signs of poisoning at all. I know that you may want to give your dog a coffee. Yet, you cannot give it coffee in any under circumstances.

How to treat your dog which drinks coffee

Now you know the answer when you have a question like ‘can dogs drink coffee?’, don’t you? After you see your dog drank your coffee you need to make sure how much your dog drink it. If your dog drank much coffee there should be high symptoms. While your dog only drank some licks of your coffee, it should be fine and there may only middle symptoms. However, if you know that your dog drank too much coffee, you should take your dog to vet and explains what happens even before the signs come. Actually, you cannot be panic. You have to stay calm and keep watching your dog.

If you take your dog to a vet, she will direct antidote for caffeine poisoning like to induce vomiting. It is only simple way to take out the coffee directly if your dog drank much coffee. The vet may choose to give activated charcoal to absorb the caffeine form your dog stomach. This act may prevent the caffeine from entering the blood vessels. Usually, when your dog has high symptom, your vet may give anti-seizure pills and give your dog some medications to reduce blood pressure. For some reason, you have to leave your dog at the hospital for several hours so the vet can keep watching your dog. Some of complications are possibly to happen.

 Can dog eat coffee beans or coffee grounds or decaf coffee?

Can dogs drink coffee? It is clear that coffee is dangerous for your dog because it contains of caffeine. Then what will happen if your dog consumes coffee beans, coffee grounds, or even decaf coffee. All of it is very dangerous for your dog since it has a lot of caffeine. Usually, coffee beans have higher concentration than brewed or instant coffee. You will find your dog in very bad condition including diarrhea, pant, becomes sweaty and may have fever after your dog consumes the coffee beans.

How about the coffee grounds? It will give bad impact as bad as coffee beans. Even, the coffee grounds are serious danger for dogs. You have to directly take your dog to vet if you find your dog is eating coffee grounds. Your vet will give best treatment for your dog like induce vomiting or give activated charcoal to absorb the caffeine. If it is getting worse, usually the vet will give sedatives to calm them down. In some cases, the vet will also give medications to lower the blood pressure and threat the seizures.

A decaf coffee also contains a lot of caffeine and even theobromine which can harm your dog as well. We know that it is not as toxic as ordinary coffee, but your dog can get some bad symptoms. Actually, not only coffee can harm your dog, any kinds of food with caffeine can be dangerous for your dog. You should be careful when you give food for your dog. You have to make sure that there is no caffeine. All dog species cannot accept caffeine in their body. If you are coffee addict, then you need to store your coffee in safe place where your dog cannot reach it. While for the residual, you need to keep it away from your dog. Never try to give your dog coffee or you will regret because when you have a question like “Can dogs drink coffee?”, the answer is NO!

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