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Can Chai Tea Help Weight Loss? Its Benefits and How to Make It

Can Chai Tea Help Weight Loss? Its Benefits and How to Make ItDrinking chai tea for weight loss is one of the common methods of dieting out there. This yummy, flavorful drink indeed make dieting enjoyable, especially if milk is used just like the traditional recipe inquire. However, does this delightful drink actually help with weight loss?

Just like the trend of slimming tea, chai tea is one of the oldest diet trends existed. It was marketed not as a diet, but a little addition to our daily routine that can zap the fats magically. Seems to good to be true? Find the truth by reading below.

What is Chai Tea?

Though its promotion as weight loss cure is quite new, the tea itself is actually been popular in for ages. The word ‘chai’ itself actually means tea in Arabian and Hindustani, possibly derived from the word ‘cha’ from China. However, as to how English like to chain the actual word and the meaning of a foreign word itself, it is well known as chai tea in the West World.

Now that we know the origin of the word, it’s easy to infer that ‘chai’ can refer to any kind of tea. But don’t get confused, because ‘chai tea’ in English refers to a certain spiced black tea latte aka masala chai from India. Not only popular in its home country, chai tea is also popular throughout Asia, Africa, and later reaches Europe and America.

Is Chai Beneficial for Weight Loss?

Now, back to our original question; can drinking chai tea help with weight loss? As we know, chai tea used milk and numerous spices in its concoction. The one beneficial for weight loss is actually the spices and the main ingredient, black tea.

As we all know, black tea is high in antioxidants, which means it can naturally increase our metabolism and trigger faster but healthy weight loss. It also helps lower cholesterol, which means black tea can help on controlling the fat in our body.

Meanwhile, the spices have their own respective function to help weight loss. In general, they are packed with vitamins and antioxidant. However, just like black tea, black pepper and fennel stimulates our metabolism and prevents fat accumulation. Meanwhile, both cardamom and cloves are especially good to aid digestion. Ginger and cinnamon are just as good, but they are also good to help controlling blood sugar.

The milk, especially fresh ones, adds extra nourishment and vitamin D, making chai tea a balanced drink for weight loss. Based on the benefits of each ingredient alone, chai tea indeed can help with weight loss.

Buy it or Make it?

While it’s true that chai tea benefits weight loss, how beneficial could it still depends greatly on where we acquire the tea. After all, we can’t control what is put into pre-made products. Usually, preservatives, added sugar, and creamer are the culprit in these pre-made products – they added so many calories than necessary, the chai tea may strike more than 100 calories per serving.

Buying chai tea freshly brewed is no different. Since every place has their own recipe, they may not follow the traditional recipe, much less the healthiest ones possible. However, if you want to have you chai tea in a café, requesting for little to no sugar and no creamer may help a bit.

However, the best, fool-proof way to ensure your chai tea helps weight loss is by brewing it yourself. Making chai tea is as easy as making normal tea with one added step. Here is the recipe from for a serving:

  • Combine a 1-inch cinnamon stick, two to four green cardamom, a piece of star anise, some fennel, and one to two thin slices of fresh ginger in a mortar and crush them a bit to let their natural oils out.
  • Put the crushed spiced into a pan with a ¾ cup of water and bring it to a boil.
  • Lower the heat. Add about a bag or 1 ½ teaspoon of loose black tea leaves and a ¾ cup of milk of your choice. Let it simmer for about two minutes.
  • Strain the liquid. Add some sweetener to your tastes and enjoy.

The Best Chai Tea for Your Diet

While fresh chai tea can help weight loss through and through, it is useless without at least diet to accompany it. In case you are doing a low calorie diet, then it’s best to omit or lessen the milk and substitute it with more water or low-calorie plant milk such as almond milk. Using healthier sweetener such as maple, honey, stevia, or agave may cut the calories even lower.

Yes, drinking chai tea for weight loss indeed. The spices incorporated in the drink indeed can improve our metabolism, hence faster and smoother weight loss. However, the initial result still relies on the person life habit – if they still eat unhealthily and don’t exercise, chai tea alone may not be enough to help their case.

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