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Best Tea Kettle Made in USA, Genuinely Crafted in USA

Best Tea Kettle Made in USA, Genuinely Crafted in USADo you know any tea kettle made in USA? This question often slips out from many costumers when they are looking for kettle product in the store. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to spot any item made in USA from the raw materials, the processing as well as the finishing. Still, the real product doesn’t die easily. With some effort, you could get good quality kettle, genuinely crafted in USA.

Best Tea Kettle Made in USA for the Best Tea Experience

There are not many of them, but you could be assured of the quality. For your information, kettle has two variants: electric and non electric. You will also see various size and materials. The recommended items below are not leaning to specific variants, but the overall performance. Find the one that suits your house need.

1. Chef’s Choice Cordless Electric Glass Kettle

It could deliver boiling water to you in short time, any time. The material used by the manufacturer is clear glass. In the other words, you could see the boiling process itself. Every time you plug in the kettle, as much as 1500W electricity would be absorbed. While the other water kettle item let the heating elements touch the water, Chef’s Choice product keep it in the hidden place.

In a pack of of this great tea kettle made in USA, you will get cord storage, stainless steel casing, water-level gauge and also comfy handle. You could fill the kettle up to 1.75 quarts of water at the maximum. Don’t worry about the safety. The transparent kettle has secure lid and also power off feature. It will automatically shuts the kettle down when the water has boiled.

Thumbs Up

  • No nasty plastic smell, because the glass material has no plastic.
  • Easy to carry, thanks to the slim design. Bring it with you when travelling.
  • It is more versatile compared to the other products. The heating wire has no direct contact to the water, thus prolongs its life and prevents rusting.
  • Stylish tea kettle made in USA design, making a great pair or decoration for the counter.
  • Boils the water in short time.

Thumbs Down

  • For some beverages that rely heavily on water temperature, you must take another option. This kettle has lack control on the temperature.
  • The maximum capacity of this kettle is not as much as the other kettles in its league. You might need to boil water several times before you could fill up the whole pitcher.

2. T-Fal Vitesses BF6520 Electric Kettle

This white cased tea kettle made in USA product is your other way to get hot water within minutes. The popular item works efficiently and quickly. It also provides various water temperature for your favorite tea variant: black, green, etc. T-Fal manufacturer understands that tea is one fragile material, requiring certain temperature to ignite the best aroma and taste.

Waiting for water to boil is not enjoyable at all. That is why you often leave the kettle on the stove and do the other cores in the house. However, it is annoying to find that the kettle is empty when you come back. T-Fal kettle has smart system that will shut the power off right after the water is boiled long enough. By simply lifting it from the plate, you also turn off the heating function.

Another bonus feature is anti-scale, helping removing bad germs from your water. You could also clean it easily.

Thumbs Up

  • No need to learn complicated manual or press different button. The moment you plug the kettle, the boiling starts.
  • Easy to maintain, since the heating element is hidden. Even the outer plastic is not difficult to clean.
  • You could brew different variants of tea by adjusting the water temperature.
  • When serving the tea to the guest, you don’t have to drag along the wire. It is removable.
  • You could brew the beverage and keep it warm for some time.
  • Using 1750W electricity power, you will get hot water even faster.

Thumbs Down

  • There is temperature knob on T-Fal, tea kettle made in USA, but then it doesn’t show the exact temperature.
  • The plastic case gets hotter when the water boils. You should avoid holding the body, just the handle.

3. Capresso H20 Plus Water Kettle

Since short time boiling is the charm of tea kettle made in USA, Capresso also chase for this goal with this product. What makes it different from the other brands is its attractive design. It suits those who value art as well as quality and practicality. Take a look at the lid; it has silvery finish. You will also have no problem to handle, since it takes ergonomic handle.

The smart detection system makes it possible for the kettle itself off when the water starts boiling. To take this kettle, you could rotate the handle to any side you like. This feature might look simple, but helps a lot, especially for left handed person. When it is time o serve, the cord could be unplugged and kept on the base.

Thumbs Up

  • Some people might think that it is inappropriate to put kettle on the counter top. For Capresso product, you could show it off as much as you like, as it has fabulous design.
  • The glass casing let you observe what is happening inside the kettle.
  • Wondering if your kettle has turned on? Seek for blue lights on the handle.
  • Automatic turning off feature will help you to prevent over boiling.

Thumbs Down

  • After some time, the finishing will wear off.
  • You might smell plastic odor, since the heating element has direct contact to the water.

It is difficult to replace quality. No matter how perfect the copy is, the original one still shines the most. For this reason, many people keep longing for USA product. Take note of the brands mentioned above next time you are heading to the kitchenware store. Also consider about the most important points you want from tea kettle made in USA.

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