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Be Careful of the Side Effects of Coconut Oil in Coffee

Be Careful of the Side Effects of Coconut Oil in CoffeeCoconut oil has been said to carry many health benefits. It is then added to coffee to even boost the health benefits of this beverage as well as to give additional taste. However, are there any side effects of coconut oil in coffee?

Side Effects of Coconut Oil in Coffee

While you will be able to find articles telling you the benefits of it, you also need to be aware that there are serious side effects as well. It is the basic reason why how and how much you consume will affect your health. Let’s find out more on this.

  • High Calories

First of all, let’s not forget that coconut oil is fat. Thus, this oil contains lots of calories. If someone consumes this oil at a high dose especially without making any adjustment in their diet, they can gain weight easily.

Adjusting some areas of the diet when consuming coffee with coconut oil means decreasing the intake of food and or beverage that is also high in fat. If this is not adjusted, the coffee drinker will surpass the suggested calories intake per day.

The recommended amount of coconut oil that can be added to coffee is one tablespoon at maximum. It will surely be better if the coconut oil is less than that. In addition to that, make sure to log the calories intake to keep being within health goals.

  • High Saturated Fat

The next side effects of coconut oil in coffee is supplying us with high saturated fat. It is indeed bad as we are always instructed to avoid this kind of fat.

If we consume an excessive amount of saturated fat, we will more likely end up with a high level of bad cholesterol in our blood. If this continues, we will develop the bigger risk of getting stroke and heart disease.

As it is in any other food intake limit, there is a limit on coconut oil intake per day as suggested by The American Heart Association. The limit is 1 tablespoon at the maximum.

  • Allergic Reactions

Another side effect of coconut oil when it is added to coffee is that we may develop allergic reactions. Although not all people are allergic to this kind of oil, this allergic does occur to some people. That’s why, if you really love drinking coffee and want to make a new variation of coffee which is by adding coconut oil, make sure you are not allergic to it.

How to find out if we are allergic to coconut oil then? Well, you can evaluate your body’s reaction after you eat nuts. If nothing happens after your nut consumption, you will less likely to get allergies from coconut oil. On the contrary, if you have a nut allergy, you need to start little with coconut oil in your coffee.

One of the main reasons for this allergic reaction can be from the low-quality coconut oil. This kind of coconut oil might have got traces from other foods like peanuts when the oil is being processed.

Therefore, when you plan to add coconut oil to your coffee, make sure to only use coconut oil that is the organic and extra virgin. This kind of coconut oil is usually the one that’s cold pressed.

Besides, this type of coconut is usually the one grown without any additional chemicals, without being refined, and also without being too much processed. Also, coconut oil that is recommended to be consumed is the one that is created with no heat to retain its best nutritional value.

In conclusion, some side effects of coconut oil in coffee are supplying us with high calories and high saturated fat as well as causing allergies to some of us. So, be careful in consuming this oil, will you?

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