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Amazing Fennel Tea Benefits for Your Health

Amazing Fennel Tea Benefits for Your HealthTalking about fennel tea benefits, it has been used as herbal medicine since ancient Greeks. Today, fennel herbal tea is still popular for various natural remedies. This spice contains highly concentrated minerals such as Potassium, Zinc, Calcium, Copper and many more important minerals. It also contains Vitamin C, a first grade antioxidant. All of these will help you stay healthy, thus, this spice earned a nickname as Anglo-Saxon sacred herbs.

9 Fennel Tea Benefits for Your Health

There are many studies which show that fennel herbal tea offers so many health benefits. Therefore, we will discuss it one by one in detailed:

1. Treat Heartburn

This is the most popular benefit of fennel tea where it is useful for heartburn treatment. What you need is just to drink a cup of fennel tea. Alternatively, you can consider chewing the fennel seeds whenever you feel like to have heartburn.

2. Improve Women’s Health

The next popular benefit of fennel tea is the capability to improve women’s health. It can stimulate estrogen production to relieve PMS, menstrual cramp, etc. In addition, it can also protect the reproductive system on female.

3. Increase Digestive Health

This herbal tea can function as antispasmodic or muscle relaxant. Because of that, it may help you relax your digestive tract as well as ease cramp. Even more, it can also relieve irritable bowel syndrome. Overall, this herbal tea can make your digestive health better.

4. Cleanse Your Blood

You also need to know that fennel tea is useful to cleanse your blood. By cleansing blood, it can improve your kidney function as well as prevent kidney stone. It can improve healthy urine flow. Besides that, it can also protect your liver from alcohol. Then, it can also treat some diseases like jaundice.

5. Burn Fat

One of the best fennel tea benefits is for diet. In fact, this tea can help you burn fat and also reduce water retention. Both of these are the main principle of how to lose weight. It works by boosting metabolism, reducing cellulite, and also regulating your appetite.

6. Relieve Arthritis

If you’re experiencing arthritis, you can relieve that pain with this herbal tea. By drinking this herbal tea, it improves your health on your joints and tissues. In addition, it can also relieve gout pain.

7. Boost Immune System

If you want to live healthy every day, you have to boost your immune system. The vitamin C content of fennel is a great antioxidant, as we know that antioxidant helps our immune system. Even more, this herbal tea can also fight viruses and bacteria. Then, it also reduces fever, treat sore throats, & relieve respiratory tract illness like asthma, cough, bronchitis, etc.

8. Keep Eye Healthy

Sometimes, you experience sore and swollen eyes. To relieve it and keep your eyes healthy, you can try preparing fennel tea. After that, using a cotton ball, soak it and place it on your eye lips for 10 minutes. It can also treat infections on eyes like conjunctivitis.

9. Improve Gum Health

Lastly, fennel tea is also useful for your gum health. Drinking fennel tea can keep your gum healthy. It can also treat inflamed gums. Even more it can relieve bad breath. Anyway, it can be considered as one of the most useful fennel tea benefits.

3 Easy Ways to Make Fennel Tea

If you want to make a fennel tea, you should choose your desired method. There are 3 ways to make it. The first method requires you to use seeds so that you must crush the seeds first. The second method is to use fresh leaves where it requires you to snip the leaves. Another method is by using the bulb where it requires you to chop the bulb into some smaller pieces. Which method will you try? (read more: How to Make Fennel Tea)

Fennel Tea Side Effects That You Have to Know

Even though this herbal tea has so many health benefits, it also has some side effects. So, you have to be careful. Before you consume this tea, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • May cause allergic reaction
    If you are allergic to celery or carrots, this herb can cause allergic reaction because it belongs to the same botanical family.
  • Can worsen certain condition
    If you’re on medication, you have to consult to your doctor before you decide to drink this tea. It prevents the worsen condition.
  • Bad for people with estrogen dependent cancer
    If you have this type of cancer, you have to avoid drinking this herbal tea.
  • Bad for baby
    Lastly, you cannot let your baby to drink this tea because it can harm endocrine system development.

That is all fennel tea benefits that you have to know. By knowing those benefits, now you should start to drink this herbal tea as a habit. So, you will always be healthy every day. Hopefully this article will be useful.

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