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All About Dandelion Tea Weight Loss That You Should Know

All About Dandelion Tea Weight Loss That You Should KnowYou probably have heard about the so-called dandelion tea weight loss which suggests that drinking dandelion tea will lead to effective and working weight loss. However, are you sure that the tea is quite powerful and it really helps you lose weight? Are you sure that the tea is beneficial and safe? What are the things should you consider about? What are the possibilities of side effects or risks?

Dandelion Tea Weight Loss: The Role of Tea for Losing Weight

Before talking about the dandelion tea weight loss in general, it is crucial to know about the dandelion itself. As a part of Taraxacum species, this flowering plant is often considered as weeds. However, a lot of people know that this ‘weedy’ plant can be used as herb and as food mixture. Since it is edible, you are actually free to mix it with other foods. Another thing that makes dandelion popular is the fact that it can be found almost anywhere although it is mostly native to Asia, Europe, and America.

Dandelion does have its own benefits as a part of culinary element and as a plant. It is often left growing because it is a perfect companion for other plants. If you have plants with short roots, most likely that they won’t survive because the roots can’t reach deep to get the nutrients. But if you combine the plants with dandelion, it can bring up nutrients on the soul’s top surface so the plants can get the nutrients they need. Dandelions can also attract pollinating insects, release a special gas to help ripening of the fruits, and add nitrogen to the soil.

Dandelion in the Culinary World

Although dandelion has been used as medicine and herbs for centuries, dandelion is quite important in the food industry. It has been used in the wine production – as well as making coffee with caffeine free contents. The role of dandelion is crucial in making root beer. Dandelion is packed with nutrients and vitamins – vitamin D is the only one excluded – as well as minerals, like potassium, zinc, sodium, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Because dandelion contains fiber, carbs, and protein, it is considered ideal as the beverage that helps you lose weight. The so-called dandelion tea weight loss benefits resulted from the protein content that helps you achieve fulfilling effect and reduce appetite. And let’s not forget about the dietary fiber that has the similar effect as the protein content – thus, responsible for the detox effect as well as laxative effect.  Imagine how effective it is for you to improve your health while losing weight at the same time.

Dandelion and the Weight Loss Benefits

So, after you have learned about dandelion tea weight loss, how is the tea works in the weight loss regime? For a starter, dandelion has very low calories – only around 2 calories per cup. It is a great drink alternative to coffee, milk, and soda. Basically, you are free to have as many cups as possible without having to worry about gaining weight. And since dandelion is packed with all the healthy substances, you can be sure that you only gain the best benefits.

The key strength to the low calorie is the minimum sweetener. The taste of the tea itself isn’t bad so it is tolerable. Once you throw in sugar, it will add the calories, for sure. If you add more, like milk or honey, the calories will only add up. That’s why it is important to consume the tea plain. If you are bored with the taste, feel free to mix it up with fruits – it is the better alternative than sugar or honey. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a cold dandelion tea with honey – just once in a while. Don’t make it a habit or pay the consequences on your waist.

You need to remember that water is so far the best drink when you have weight issue. But with the tea variants, you can be sure about the health benefits without adding up the extra weight – with a note: without sweetener; well, not on a daily basis.

Everyone knows that having the snacking periods in between meal time is crucial – it provides fuel to your body as well as making sure that your body won’t go into a craving mode that will lead to overeat. Well, the dandelion tea is perfect for your snack. A cup of it and a handful of nuts will provide a good fulfilling sensation as well as providing enough boost of energy – enough to get you going throughout the day. Even without the nuts, consuming the tea alone is satisfying and satiating enough.

Another thing to like about this tea is that the natural substances can improve the cholesterol and fat breakdown. It is also good to produce a better gastric secretion within your stomach. When fats are easily broken down, it is easily ‘destroyed’ and then flushed out from the body. In the end, you won’t have any more problems with any fat pileup or fat deposit.

After all, when you take the tea before eating, you are filling up your stomach with all those healthy substances. When you eat, you won’t go into a berserk mode from hunger. And yet, you won’t have to worry about your own health because of the beneficial contents. What? Binge eating? It won’t happen to you. That’s why you will definitely have great effect with this dandelion tea weight loss.

The Important Consideration

You need to remember that dandelion tea is diuretic – if you drink too much, you may dehydrate yourself. Having at least 2 cups a day will be enough and the maximum cups should be 4 cups. If you take more than that, it may be risky. Also remember that dandelion may trigger allergic reactions so it is better to consult your doctor first before consuming one. It would be even better if you can have them monitor your condition during the consumption.

People taking diabetic drugs should avoid consuming this tea. If you also consume blood thinning medication or such thing alike, it’s better not to take the tea. Yes, the dandelion tea weight loss can be beneficial and healthy for you – but only if you do it right and correctly.

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