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AeroPress Vs French Press: Which One Is Better?

AeroPress Vs French Press: Which One Is Better?To know the best manual brewing devices, we need to discuss about AeroPress Vs French Press. As we know, there are some options of manual brewers for coffee. Besides AeroPress, there is also French Press. When people are asked about which is the best between them, I am sure they will be confused. So, this article will compare them to find the best one. So, you can buy your desired manual coffee brewer.

AeroPress Vs French Press: AeroPress Benefits

Before comparing between AeroPress and French Press, let’s know the benefits each of them. Starts from AeroPress, it is a brewing device that is made from 2 plastic cylinders. The bigger cylinder functions as the brewing chamber with an opening on both of sides whereas the second cylinder fits into the chamber. It is pressed down to push the water and to add pressure for the better extraction of coffee. So, what are the benefits of this brewing device? Here are the reasons why you should consider it.

  • More Brewing Controls

Comparing AeroPress Vs French Press will result that AeroPress offers more brewing controls. It becomes the only non-espresso brewer which allows you to alter all variables necessary for making good coffee. You can control the quantity of ground coffee, volume of water, pressure, temperature, and time. The ability of controlling pressure becomes one of the benefits that French Press does not offer.

  • Fast Brewing Time

Choosing AeroPress or French Press as your coffee maker is difficult. However, AeroPress becomes a good choice considering the fast brewing time. Compared to other traditional methods of brewing, it becomes the shorter one. You just need to prepare it totally no more than one and a half minute. Of course, it becomes a very important consideration. On the other hand, French Press needs around 5 minutes for preparation.

Comparing AeroPress Vs French Press, there are many people who ask why the preparation time between them is different too much. There are many explanations spread but the most reasonable one is that French Press takes longer brewing time because of the lower water temp. On the other hand, you can control anything including the water temperature and even pressure.

  • Absolute Convenience

When comparing AeroPress against French Press, we need to pay attention to the convenience. In this case, AeroPress is better because of the absolute convenience. This brewing device is easy to clean. So, you can maintain it easily. Besides that, it is also easy to carry. Because of the portable design, you can carry this brewing device to anywhere easily. Then, it is also easy to use. It comes with easy operation so that everyone can use it well.

Why Should You Choose French Press?

To compare AeroPress Vs French Press, we must know the benefits of both. After discussing the benefits of AeroPress, now it is time to discuss about the benefits of French Press. This brewing device keeps the loyal coffee addicts and becomes one of the most favorite coffee makers. So, what are the reasons why they prefer French Press to AeroPress? You will know the answer after paying attention to its benefits below:

  • More Aroma and Flavor

One of the reasons why people love brewing French Press is because it offers more aroma and flavor. Traditionally, this brewing device produces more robust and stronger taste of coffee. It is because this coffee maker uses course metal mesh to treat coffee. On the other hand, AeroPress uses micro-filter. So, brewing French Press will make you addicted because the result is really satisfying.

  • Bigger Capacity

The next comparison related to AeroPress Vs French Press relates to the capacity. With AeroPress brewing device, you can only brew a cup of coffee. However, French Press has the bigger capacity so that it allows you to brew more than one cup of coffee at one time of brewing. So, it is appropriate for you who need some cups of coffee every time you brew coffee. It can be used for either home use or office use.

The Differences between AeroPress and French Press

After you know the benefits of each brewing device above, can you decide the better choice for your coffee maker? If you are still confused, you need to pay attention to the following more detailed differences between those 2 brewing devices. You can compare them and choose the most appropriate one for you.

  1. Comparing AeroPress Vs French Press related to the brewing process, AeroPress improves extraction using pressure whereas French Press doesn’t use pressure.
  2. In relation to the brewing time, AeroPress is much faster where it only takes about 1.5 up to 2 minutes. On the other hand, French Press needs up to 5 minutes to brew coffee.
  3. For the grinding, the grind of AeroPress is fine that allows more soluble solid being extracted whereas French Press uses coarser grind to avoid grounds in the liquid.
  4. AeroPress kit contains paper filters only where they provide the cleaner beverage. On the other hand, the French Press has more bodied pots cup that contains suspended solids and more oils. However, there are 3rd party metallic disk filters as well as mesh filters.
  5. AeroPress can keep the coffee hot longer. Comparing to French Press, the coffee will be colder after 5 minutes. So, you need to brew it again if you want to enjoy the hotter coffee.
  6. AeroPress can brew one cup only per serving whereas French Press has the bigger capacity. So, it can brew about 4 up to 6 cups per serving.
  7. For the maintenance, AeroPress is better because it is easier to clean than French Press coffee maker.
  8. With AeroPress, the coffee is clean whereas French Press provides coffee with some silt and even some grounds.

That is all about AeroPress Vs French Press. From the discussion above, you know the benefits of each brewing device. You also know the differences in more detailed. So, which brewing device is better for you?

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