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5 Options of Tea That Helps with Bloating Naturally

5 Options of Tea That Helps with Bloating NaturallyTea that helps with bloating is there for you to naturally fix the issue. Well, bloated stomach is not something uncommon to happen. However, people would surely wish to get it fixed before getting on a date or other special occasions. No matter how you look at it, bloated stomach affects how we look. So, here we would like to suggest you 5 options of tea that you can try. Since they are natural, there should be no harm in trying them.

Lemon Tea

As commonly as it seems, lemon tea has always been one known to bring with it healthy properties for humans’ body. Of all benefits you can reap from this tea, you will find one which says that it can fix bloating for you. Of course, there is reason to its capability of doing such thing. That would be the existence of the major component of citrus rind oil called Limonene in the brew. What can this component do to improve bloating issue?

You should be sure to not take it lightly. The Limonene extract has been used to treat bloating due to its diuretic effects. Recent study even backs it up by saying that Limonene has the ability to fight off water retention. Since one of the reasons to bloating is water retention, you’ve got lemon tea to fix the issue right of the bat. There is nothing healthier than lemon tea for bloated stomach, isn’t it? It is easily found around us too, so there should be no problem of making one yourself when you need it.

Ginger Tea

If there is something to blame for bloating, it might just be the things that come through your mouth, like spicy foods, dairy, and chemical additives. These foods might just be ones that cause stomach pain as well as blocked genes and enzymes, thus causing bloat-causing inflammation. For it, a tea that helps with bloating would be ginger one. Ginger has the ability to deal with such cause of bloating. So, why not giving it a try then?

Just like lemon, ginger is easily found around us. Of course, it would be one that costs you less money than you think. If you can deal with your health issue easily and healthily with natural ingredients around us, it won’t hurt to give it a try yourself, right? Ginger tea will surely reduce that bloated stomach of yours quickly and you will be able to get your dress fit your body again. With this natural solution, there is no need to opt for drugs and such. Cherish your body more with this tea.

Hibiscus Tea

Just because your stomach grows big that it can’t let your dress or jeans to fit, it does not mean that you have gained more pounds to your weight. Who knows if you just get bloated stomach? Bloating can be caused by all sorts of things. They include eating salty foods or hormonal fluctuations since both can be what cause the body to store sodium and fluids, thus causing the bloating. We need the right Tea that helps with bloating here.

Based on some studies, it has been found that we need compounds, like flavonoids to deal with bloating. This kind of component will do the job to influence the work of aldosterone. This hormone is one that regulates water and electrolytes balance after all. Influencing how it affects the body will help us counteract the bloating. This compound here is what we can find in hibiscus plant. Dealing with bloating with hibiscus tea can offer success for there are other compounds that will help too.

Bilberry Tea

Have you ever heard bilberry before? It sounds similar to blueberry indeed since they still come from the same family. A tea that helps with bloating made from this fruit is the next option you get here. What can this fruit do to fight against the bloating then? Well, there have been some experiments done to prove the ability of bilberry tea. Between people who eat the berry and the others who don’t, the ones who do show positive result.

Simply put, the people who eat bilberry have higher chance to reduce inflammation in human’s body. If you like berries, you better not miss this one here in your diet. You will reap more benefit than just helping you out with your bloating issue. Treating bloating with bilberry tea might cost you more if you are not native to Northern Europe. Still, if you ever get your hands on this fruit, you can make tea with it to help you fix your stomach back to normal and prove that it is not the fat’s fault.

Fennel Tea

The last but not the least tea to drink to fight against bloating would be fennel tea. You might not be familiar with fennel before. However, it is important to know that fennel actually has great inflammation fighting properties. It has the means to treat gas and even other gastrointestinal issues. Of course, fennel has been used to do it since a long time ago. Don’t you want to try it too today? There is nothing wrong with that.

In fact, fennel has been regarded as flatulence fighter due to its effectiveness in dealing the issue. What can you expect more from this tea that helps with bloating? It has everything you need to fix the problem in your stomach and fix it to get your stomach to the size it is supposed to be. We’ve got to leave it to fennel tea. Just like the others we have as our options before, this option wouldn’t be so bad to try either. It might be an alternative, but it is known to be effective to do its job here.

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