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2 Best Alternatives of How to Make Coffee without a Coffee Maker

2 Best Alternatives of How to Make Coffee without a Coffee MakerHow to make coffee without a coffee maker is something that people want to know, indeed. Morning has never been easy time for all people after all. They tend to be frantic at the start of the day, waking up, taking a bath, dressing up, eating breakfast, and going to work. With all of them have to be done in a short time, do you think you can spare more time to make delicious coffee as good as how it tastes from coffee maker?

The First Alternative of How to Make Coffee without a Coffee Maker

You know, we can’t expect things to be done as fast as with coffee maker if we are going to do it manually. However, it is possible to resort to quick alternative to make the same coffee as it is with coffee maker. It is not just about mixing coffee grounds in water though. There is proper procedure depending on the method you choose. First, we recommend one that uses saucepan to do the job here. Let’s see what you need to do below.

1. Preparing Water in the Saucepan

We will have to start from the water, of course. So, prepare the amount of water more than what you need with coffee maker. Then, pour it into the saucepan that you have prepared. We are not going to use coffee maker after all. Even the saucepan is wide and we will need to boil it later. So, the amount of water should be added here. Once you pour the water in, just put the saucepan on the stove, but don’t turn it on just yet.

2. Adding the Coffee and Heating It

This alternative to make coffee with saucepan will then need you to add coffee ground in the water. Remember than we are not making one from instant coffee here. Once the coffee is added in, be sure to stir it so that it mixes with the water. Then, you can turn on the stove and heating it at medium-high temperature. Do consider of stirring it occasionally. This would help blending the coffee ground completely with the water.

3. Boiling Coffee for Some Minutes

Now that you have heated the coffee mixture in the saucepan, it should have boiled after some minutes. Just allow it to boil uncovered for about 2 minutes to let it boiling thoroughly. After that, you can turn off the stove and just leave it alone for a bit. Give some time for the coffee to cool down as it lets the ground to sink to the bottom of the saucepan. By doing so, you will get nice coffee with no residue of the coffee ground.

4. Pouring the Coffee to Your Cups

It would take about 4 minutes for the coffee to sit in. After it passed, you can pour the coffee to the cups. You can do so right from the saucepan, but make sure to do it slowly so you don’t make the coffee ground at the bottom carried along with the coffee. How to make coffee without a coffee maker can be this simple. You can always use ladle too, although it does take time. Then, you are done making coffee without coffee maker with that.

The Second Alternative of Getting Your Coffee Ready by Yourself

Other than using the saucepan, there is still another good alternative for you to try here. This time, we will use coffee bag. However, we are the one who will make it here. With instant coffee bag in mind, we can try the same method as an idea and use it in different way. There is no need to worry. You will just need to get coffee filter and some uncoated string ready to start with. Now, let’s see the procedure you have to follow here below.

1. Preparing Coffee in the Coffee Bag

In order to make the coffee bag, we need to measure the coffee ground first than anything. Make sure it is enough for one cup and you can then pour it into the filter. This method of making coffee with coffee bag is not as difficult as you think. Just wrap the filter tightly and tie it with string. There, you get coffee bag ready in a nick of time. However, this is not the end of this procedure, of course. We still don’t get the coffee ready to drink.

2. Getting Hot Water and the Cup Ready

Of course, we will need hot water to use here. However, instead of mixing it with coffee ground like the first alternative above, we just need to boil water only in a kettle. While you wait for the water to be fully boiled, you can prepare the cup you are going to use. Then, just place the coffee filter bag you made earlier into the empty cup. After quite some time, the water must have been ready to be used to make the coffee with your coffee bag.

3. Pouring Hot Water into the Coffee Cup

Now that the hot water is ready, you just have to pour it into your coffee cup slowly. Make sure it is not overfill the cup. Then, you can leave the coffee bag to steep in the hot water and get mixed in it without letting the residue out from the bag. You get weaker coffee if you wait 2 to 3 minutes. If you want stronger one, you should wait for 5 to 6 minutes. Depending on your taste, you can choose whether to wait the coffee for a while or longer.

4. Removing the Filter and Serving the Coffee

Are you done waiting for your coffee? If so, you can remove the filter and leave the coffee concentration you want in the cup and it will be ready to serve and drink. Now you see it yourself that it is easy to prepare coffee in the morning on your own. The alternatives of how to make coffee without a coffee maker take some minutes only, so it should not be that hard to spare your time a bit to make it, right? It is worth trying after all.

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