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10 Great Tips and Ideas to Make Green Tea Taste Better

10 Great Tips and Ideas How to Make Green Tea Taste BetterThere are many tips how to make green tea taste better. As we know, green tea has so many benefits for health. It is well known with its antioxidant properties. Besides that, it also tastes good. However, you can still make it tastier. So, green tea will be much more enjoyable. If you are interested in it, you have to pay attention to the following discussion.

Tips for Tastier Green Tea That You Can Try

If you are a tea lover, green tea should be one of your favorite drinks. Compared to other teas, green tea has more benefits especially for health. Sometimes, you want more delicious tea. So, you should consider the following tips how to make green tea tastier:

1. Buy Your Desired Tea

You can buy green tea at a tea shop or you can also order it via online. What to keep in mind is to choose your desired tea. In fact, different kinds of green tea have different tastes. In this case, loose leaves are better than teabags. For the types of green tea, there are gunpowder that is slightly smoky, Sencha with natural sweetness and Gyokuro with sweet and slightly vegetative flavors. So, choose one of them based on your desired taste. If you love them all, you can buy them all to prevent boredom. Anyway, it belongs to the first tip how to make green tea taste better.

2. Store the Green Tea Properly

The taste of green tea may change after you store it for a few days or weeks. To keep the taste delicious, you have to store it rightly. Storing well also becomes one of the tips how to make green tea more delicious. In this case, you have to store green tea in a place with no light, moisture, odors, air and heat. So, I recommend you to store it in your refrigerator. Alternatively, it will be a good idea to store it in a kitchen cabinet.

3. Follow the Instructions

If you buy green tea, you can see on the packaging related to the instructions how to brew it. Mostly, green tea requires you to brew it with 212 degrees of Fahrenheit water and steep it for a couple minutes. However, some green teas require lower temperature and shorter steeping. So, following the instructions is also considered as one of the tips how to make green tea taste better.

4. Use Natural Sweetener

To make green tea sweeter, you usually use sugar. It is cheap but not healthy. If you want to make it sweeter, I recommend you to use natural sweetener. Besides healthy, it also taste smoother. There are many kinds of natural sweetener. For example are such as xylitol, date sugar, coconut sugar, and honey. They are found naturally from vegetables and fruits. Considering the benefits, it is reasonable to be one of the best ways how to make green tea taste more delicious.

5. Add Desired Dried Fruits

It becomes an alternative if you do not like natural sweetener. The purpose is same where it sweetens your green tea. However, it offers different way where it requires you to use dried fruits. You can use your desired dried fruits such as dried lemon, dried pineapple, etc. Add them on to your green tea and feel the more delicious taste. Besides providing the sweeter taste, dried fruits also contain vitamin C. So, your green tea will be very useful to improve your health. That is why it becomes one of the best ways how to make green tea taste better.

6. Consider a Green Tea Cocktail

Green tea cannot be boring. So, you have to make it more interesting. One of them is to make a green tea cocktail. In this idea, what you need to do is to add a little bit of lemons, mint, honey, and ginger to a cup of green tea. After that, let it chill & add sparkling water. It will not only be tasty. However, this green tea cocktail will also be really a good thirst quencher especially in the summer where the weather is really hot.

7. Mix It with Chocolate

If your favorite drink is chocolate, you can consider mixing green tea with chocolate. In this idea, you make a chocolate tea. Usually, people consider mixing green tea with dark chocolate, white chocolate or other kinds of chocolate. You can choose your desired chocolate. You can drink it every day and you will find how tasty it is. So, are you interested in this recipe? Anyway, it is also considered as one of the most creative ideas how to make green tea taste better.

8. Add Spring Water

To make your green tea tastier, you have to add the right water. In this case, I do not recommend you to use tap water. In fact, tap water contains impurities that will affect the green tea. So, the best idea is to brew green tea with natural spring water. Today, natural spring water is also available in form of bottle. So, you can get it easily.

9. Whole Leaf Green Tea

Rather than you use tea bags, I suggest you to consider whole leaf green tea. It will taste much more delicious. However, you have to make sure that you use the right measurement of water, sweetener, and other additional flavor.

10. Mix Flavored Teas

Besides green tea, there are some other flavored teas available. They are not only tasty but also beneficial because they also offer antioxidant and other nutrients. So, it will be a good idea to mix your green tea with other flavored teas based on your desire. Some recommended flavors are such as lavender, orange peel, cinnamon, etc. Be brave to find the tastiest mixture.

That is all the tips and ideas how to make green tea taste better. If you have other ideas, you can try it. So, you can stay healthy with tasty drink. Now drinking green tea should be much more enjoyable. Hopefully you will not be bored with it.

Description: How to make green tea taste better can be planned with these tips and ideas. For example, you can mix flavored teas, mix with chocolate, consider a green tea cocktail, etc.

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